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  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: Idina Menzel and Michael Buble sing Christmas song
  • Reading: ...Rainbow
  • Watching: The carnage that only happens when a child is keby
  • Playing: With my kid's action figures
  • Eating: Nothing at the moment
  • Drinking: Southern Comfort Egg Nog
MangaDCU: Wonderspacegirls by Nightshade475
MangaDCU: Wonderspacegirls

Wondergirls in Space


Returning to one of my favorite MDCU concepts, The Wondergirls!  Anime inspired by Sailor Moon. Utilizing yet another Ame Comi design for Wonder Woman(version 3), I decided that this outfit is what the girls use when space faring; such as when Megami and Katsumi join Green Lantern Harinezumi Jouon on a trip to the Guardians of the Universe homeworld, Oa.  The Girls utilize their Wonderspin ( a mix between Lynda Carter's twirling transformation and the Sailor Moon one) to outfit themselves in these outfits rather than their standard ones.  The top part of their thighs are covered, but with a clear material.  The outfit provides them with the same protection as their regular armor.  The headgear has communications devices and  a faceshield that materializes and allows them up to seven hours of breathable air.  The transparent shield is colored the same as the outfit's leg color.  The boots have propulsion jets so they can move around in zero gravity.  The girls will have other mission specific looks such as deep sea (which will resemble Lynda Carter's wetsuit look) and Avalerion Armor (which will resemble Wonder Woman's Golden Eagle Amazonian Armor from the comics that was introduced in Kingdom Come).

left to right:

Wondergirl Orania, Wondergirl Cassieopeia, Wondergirl Troia, Wonder Woman, Wondergirl Nubia, Wondergirl Artemesia, and Wondergirl Mendozia.


The Protector
Reina Oshii(alias) of House Orania; Wondergirl of Courage
Weapon: Twin Handguns (originally giant crossbows)


The Stargazer
Eriko Sunamaki of House Cassieopeia; Wondergirl of Loyalty
Weapon: Chakram Staff

The Warrior
Katsumi Toriyama of House Troia; Wondergirl of Justice.
Weapon: Sword

The Ambassador
Megami Mikoto of House Hippolytia; Wondergirl of Truth, Princess of The Amazons
Weapon: Sceptre

The Tracker
Amaya Nobunaga of House Nubia; Wondergirl of Honor
Weapon: Spear

The Hunter
Tsukiko Aramaki of House Artemesia; Wondergirl of Wisdom
Weapon: Bow and Arrows

The Gatekeeper
Maria Minoru(alias) of House Mendozia; Wondergirl of Hope
Weapon: Naginata

- Orania and Mendozia are part of the original Wonder Guard from the time of the creation of the Amazonian Nation.  The names Reina and Maria were chosen as new identities to allow them to reintegrate in the modern world and attend school with Megami and the others after their tenure as Hellgate Guardians had come to an end.  Their true names are; Orania of House Orania and Mendozia of House Mendozia.

- I toyed with the idea of making the torso see-through as well, especially for Megami and Maria...maybe it'll have a function to allow for both.

MangaDCU: WarWorld 2.0 by Nightshade475
MangaDCU: WarWorld 2.0

Decided to return to the World where they lay down the beats...and I'm not talkin' about makin' music!!!
Original Sketch:…



left to right:

Doomsday, Kalibak, Supergirl, Krypto, Parasite, Maxima, Lobo, Mongul, Orion, and Darkseid.


After intercepting the interstellar beacon sent by B.R.A.I.N.I.A.C. meant to alert The Agents of Apokalips to the existence and location of The Last Son of Krypton, the last three surviving Kryptonian Raiders; Ursa, Non, and General Zod made their way to the source of the transmission.  They were greeted with opposition from Guardian, Steel, and Superboy while the intended target, Kura-Ku recovered from his battle with B.R.A.I.N.I.A.C. at the Man of Steel Tournament months prior to that.  Superman eventually emerged from his healing chamber to engage the Kryptonians that had soundly defeated his comrades, and even though he obtained victory, it was not without a price.  Steel had sacrificed his remaining heart to protect the life of his pupil, Superboy, and Superman was once again critically injured and in need of advanced healing in his Fortress of Solitude.  Guardian and Superboy decided to make a space journey to locate the old Steel Lord's temple to attempt to acquire something that might revive the fallen Steel.  They discovered the temple had been integrated onto a massive artificial planet/battle station that had become known as Warworld.  Run by the despot, Mongul, Warworld had become a place for Darkseid's forces to train in combat by being in a constant fight for survival while on the planet's deadly surface.  The bouts were recorded and transmitted by  thousands of drones and cameras and displayed to the subjects of Apokalips to entertain and instill fear.  At the same time, the planet itself had the capability of converting itself into a deadly weapon.




Homeworld: Warworld

Anime Inspiration: Kid Buu, Dragonball Z

The only person that Mongul, ruler of Warworld fears is Darkseid, and for some reason, Darkseid feared the rise of the Kryptonians.  He allayed himself of these concerns when he decimated the planet Krypton and its entire population in one fell swoop.  Knowing this, Mongul secretly enlisted his scientists to alter Kryptonian dna for years in attempts to create a weapon to use against Darkseid in order to take Apokolips from him and to finally be rid of Warworld.  After the arrival of Superman; The Last Son of Krypton, leading to Darkseid's and Mongul 's subsequent defeat, Superman and his friends leave Warworld to return home, however the experiment that is Doomsday is set free to roam the battle planet.  He works his way through the remaining inhabitants of Warworld, slaying as many as possible until they find a way to get him off the planet...he ends up eventually on earth. 

 - based on Kid Buu from DBZ.

- Although he appears small, he is more dangerous than any other lifeform on Warworld due to having the advantage of perpetual endurance and his full relentless evil and unpredictability. He is also completely free of restraint and has no trace of sanity and he wreaks havoc and destruction for no reason and without showing any signs of remorse.

- Doomsday is dangerous , not because of his raw power, but due to his effectiveness in combat via his wild fighting style and uncontrollable nature.

- the experimentation process that created Doomsday is similar to that of the comics, in which the  cloned infant as exposed to deadly stimuli until expiration and the remains used to clone a new test subject, maintaining the cellular memory of the previous rigors to force adaptation.

- as a result, Doomsday has an adaptive physiology and generates biological defenses as needed.

-Once Doomsday arrives on Earth, it will initiate the Death of Superman storyline which has Superman sacrifice himself to defeat him, leading directly into the Reign of Supermen arc.


Kalibak: The Cruel

Homeworld: Apokalips

Anime Inspiration: Jagi The Pretender, Hokuto no Ken(Fist of the North Star)

Darkseid's firstborn son can never live up to his father's vision of heir to his throne.   Although he was conceived in an emotion his father has long since abandoned; love, he is a cruel and brutal warrior. He is a constant reminder to his father of the weakness he once had, and as such is looked upon as weak himself.  Kalibak crushes foes daily on Warworld in hopes to gain the favor of his liege, who favors his younger brother, Orion; even though he was raised by their enemy on New Genesis.  Kalibak has a tendency to secretly take out his frustrations on his adopted brother, Scott Free, who is exempt from the torture he had to endure growing up as part of the treaty.  Kalibak confronts Lobo, as he is on his journey towards Mongul's control station to seek revenge.  The two skirmish a bit until Orion shows up and challenges his brother to give The Fist of the Dog Star the opportunity to continue to seek out  the subject of his vengeance.  Orion waives the decree insuring his diplomatic protection, to wage battle with his brother to finally settle the score.

- based on Jagi from Fist of the North Star.

- I used a couple of different incarnations of Kalibak to draw inspiration from for his outfit.

- Kalibak is strong, but not smart.  With all his power, he is still cowardly when confronted by someone with equal or greater strength.  He possesses cunning to compensate for his lack of smarts.

- Kalibak's limited intelligence stems from the contact with the poison that killed his mother while en utero.  He actually clawed his way out of her and bit through his own umbilical cord to survive.

- When Darkseid discovered his son with Suli had survived, he was initally secretly eagar to see the boy, untill...he saw the boy had Heggra's eyes.  From that point on, allowed him to live for his mother's sake, but he kept him at arm's length,.



Supergirl: Kaori Zora- Ku

Homeworld: Krypton

Anime Inspiration: Ame Comi

Kaori, a member of Krypton's  Science Caste, was arranged to wed Zod; General of the Warrior Caste known throughout the systems as Darkseid's Kryptonian Raiders.  The wedding party, as well as all the other inhabitants of Krypton's Capital City of Kandor, awoke to a strange skyline after the entire city was transported into the Phantom Zone, after an assassination attempt was made on Zod by a survivor of one of his campaigns.  The device had placed them in the alternate dimension that they had reserved for their most dangerous criminals, but not before the entire populace's control collars were rendered inert (part of a failed plan by Kaori's cousin, Jora-Ku to obtain their culture's freedom from Darkseid's rule). Although they were unaware of the occurrence, Darkseid had destroyed their homeworld, and with it the remainder of the Kryptonian species.  The citizens of Kandor were all that were left of Krypton.  They were free, but now in an extremely hostile environment. They crafted a shelter from their new surroundings, and  Zod took control making himself protector of the city as well as their leader. The scientists deduced a way of escape from the Zone, by using a natural energy well that existed far from the city, utilizing a device they had developed. When they decided to implement the plan, a team of scientists would be escorted by a team of warriors to the energy well to set up the device. Zod chose to be a part of the escort, as Kaori was one of the scientists that volunteered. they flew off, and were immediately besieged by the hostile denizens of the Phantom zone. by the time they got to the well, only Kaori, Zod, & his lieutenants; Ursa and Non had survived the trip. she quickly set up the device, and they were transported through and wound up on Apokalips. They soon discovered that Krypton was no more, but they also intercepted the beacon that told of the location of Jora-Ku's offspring, "The Son of Our Jailer", and agreed that they should take vengeance out on him before returning to free the rest of their citizens from the Phantom Zone.  Kaori protested, but she was quickly rendered unconscious as they found their way off world. during their travel to earth, they came to realize that the 11 months in the zone were equal to 22 years.  the unconscious Kaori would be found by Darkseid's Female Furies trainer Granny Goodness.  They noticed her kryptonian garb and slightly enhanced strength due to her limited exposure to the sun, and decided to take her captive and began her "re-education" .  She was personally trained by Granny Goodness to be a part of the next wave of female furies which included: Knockout, Speed Queen, Bloody Mary, Malice Vunderbar, Wunda, and Heartimis.  She spent most of that time in isolation training her to become a fighter before sending her to Warworld, where she would gain the conditioning necessary to make her a suitable gift to Lord Darkseid.  Superman would find her there a year later, after defeating Darkseid.

- Granny kept Kaori in the dark away from sunlight, as part of her conditioning.  As a result, Kaori has a fear of the dark.  This is how she was able to maintain a measure of control over her; she lets her out during the day to battle and absorb sunlight, but once the sun goes down , she panics and returns to the "safety" of Granny's fortress.

- Kaori was meant to be a surprise gift to Darkseid, and was part of the reason of his presence on Warworld.

-As all of the Furies represent some aspect of the BDSM or fetish community, I decided Supergirl's connection would be to Cosplay.

- The outfit Kaori wore as a Kryptonian Scientist prior to her arrival on Warworld is Supergirl's Version 2 Ame Comi outfit.

- Granny Goodness altered her clothing to resemble the Dark Ame Comi Supergirl look, which Kaori repurposed to resemble her cousin, Kura-Ku's red and blue themed look after rescuing her from Warworld.

- Kaori spent a total of four months engaging in combat on Warworld prior to the arrival the the S-Fighters. 

- Kaori has a basic foundation of the Kryptonian fighting art, Horo Kanu, that she was introduced to by General Zod.  Granny  used her conditioning methods to continue that education before putting her to battles on Warworld where she would pick up skills from those she engaged in combat with.

- After having a difficult time adjusting to Earth, coming off the survival mentality she had started to develop, she goes out seeking help and finds it in the comfortability of the Glammslammers Metabrawl fights.  She eventually meets up with Power Girl not realizing that she is her older alternate reality self.

- Galatea (Power Girl) has a negative reaction to Kaori as her insignia causes her to relive the brutal beating  she took from Bizzaro upon her arrival on earth as she was looking for her cousin, Kura-Ku.  The damage caused a lot of psychological trauma including amnesia.

- Supergirl has an aversion to Power Girl, because her militaristic attitude reminds her somewhat of her time on Apokalips.

- After their feud, Kaori will start to see Galatea as an older sister.

- Supergirl's "Dark" look will make a comeback when they encounter another upgraded version of B.R.A.I.N.I.A.C. later down the line. That version will be the female Ame Comi design.

- After reviving Steel, the Earth fighters come upon Darkseid as he encounters Supergirl for the first time.  They jump to her defense and proceed to get their arses handed to them...until Superman arrives after his battle with Mongul.


Krypto: The Superdog

Homeworld: Krypton

 Anime Inspiration: Bolt, Disney

In the science lab that was housed on Warworld that created Doomsay, another project was running to create Dogs Of War for Darkseid's Agents of Apokalips. The test subject group included nine canine species whose genetic material was salvaged from Krypton.  Eight of the subjects were much larger, stronger and more ferocious that the ninth runt of the litter.  The runt distinguishable by its white fur, seemed ill and scrawny in comparison to the others, which as it turned out were mentally and physically unstable.  The ones that didn't suffer from accelerated genetic destabilization; and spontaneously burst into a mutated puddle of genetic goo, were put down because they were too uncontrollable and had to be taken out before they got any more powerful and couldn't be.  The last remaining subject was bombarded with radiation, electricity and physical assaults, to try and engage it's killer instinct, but it never took hold.  The experiment was deemed a failure and the test subject discarded.  Because it was so small, the canister it was placed in was placed with the refuse to be jettisoned into space, rather than take it for molecular disintegration, as was the protocol.  The cruel handler thought it would be funny to watch it asphyxiate and freeze in the coldness of space and purposely  cracked the container's housing before its jettison.  When Superman and Darkseid battle on Warworld, the battle concluded with the two combatants unable to move while a self destruct device was primed to blow. Supergirl had gotten the rest of the earth fighters and the Martian Manhunter out onto a starcruiser and into orbit far away from the blast. superman realized he would be killed by the force of the blast, but at the last second a blur spirited him away from the explosion.  he woke up on the ship Kaori had acquired from the steel lord's temple with the rest of his friends. his savior was a small dog that was leashed to a small broken canister with the only legible letters k-r-y-p-t-o...

-based Krypto on Disney's "Bolt" because...yeah...that's why!

- Krypto will reside in the Fortress of Solitude, but I also see him in settings like the Hall of Justice (during a Kohai training session), and Supergirl's apartment in Kyoshigai (Metropolis).

- Krypto has above average intelligence for a dog, but is still a dog...and a pup at that, and acts accordingly.

-  when the battle between Lobo and Mongul spilled into the DNA lab (that housed Krypto and the Doomsday creation), some of Lobo's blood got on to one of the machines and initiated the cloning process. This would lead to the creation of a younger less powerful version who is visually based on Kenshiro's companion, Bat(bart) from fist of the north star. 

- This Lil' Lobo will eventually make his way to earth and join a cell of Teen Titans alongside the Precious Archer; Pearl Archer and the Ghostclan kunoichi; Secret, under the leadership of the Majo-Onibugeisha; Empress.



Homeworld: Unknown

Anime Inspiration: Piccolo, Dragonball Z

Not much is known about The Parasite other than he an alien with the ability to absorb the skills, memories, and strength of others. the transfer is only temporary, but he's usually dispatched his foe by the time its worn off. He is capable of sensing energy and being drawn to vast amounts of it.  He usually attacks from the shadows, as he is not nearly as strong when he has not fed and uses surprise,  and other forms of subterfuge to give him an advantage.  He senses Supergirl's energy not long after her arrival and begins to stalk her in attempts to gain her power to give him the edge he needs to take on  stronger fighters like Lobo, Kalibak and Mongul.  Guardian and Superboy face him soon after their arrival on Warworld, where he gets his first taste of Kryptonian energy and becomes addicted to it.  After his defeat, he slinks off, but finds a way to stow aboard the earthlings ship to return to their home where he plots to find them and feed again.

- I based elements of his look on Namekian garb.

- I decided I wanted him to have tentacles to play up the parasitic aspect, but he can also keep them close together in the basic format of an arm, with the tips of each tentacle acting as fingers of a simulated hand.  Having these tentacle makes immobilizing targets and draining their energy from multiple locations on their body  much easier for him.

- there is only a certain amount of time that he can subsist off of the energy he has stolen, so he has a tendency to keep his victims alive to feed off of them multiple times before they eventually expire. An average human can sustain him for 48 hours before they are completely drained and expire.

- I always knew I wanted the cloak look for him to hide his identity as an average humanoid until it's too late.  I felt that making him an alien would work perfectly and Warworld would be a perfect setting for him.

- Since he can absorb mental energy as a byproduct, he will learn earthspeak to add to the myriad of other languages he's acquired. The languages are the only thing that he retains after a being's energy dissipates.


Maxima: Warrior Queen of Combat

Homeworld: Almerac

Anime Inspiration: Julia, Hokuto no Ken

the princess of Almerac is obsessed with combat.  She gets physically aroused from trading blows with only the strongest of combatants.  Occasionally, intergalactic dignitaries are flown to Warworld to witness the brutality firsthand of the daily round-the-clock bouts.  Maxima frequently ditches her security detail and slums on Warworld to get her fix of combat, but there are few left who can challenge her...until she sees a new fighter in a blue gi (martial arts uniform) and red cape.  She finds him attractive, but mocks his loose raiment as unfitting someone rugged enough to handle the rigors of Warworld, much less her.  Superman takes out a contingent of skirmishers bent on claiming Maxima, as he thought her defenseless.   As a reward she offered him the honor to face her in combat for the right to be her mate, to which he respectfully declined.  She didn't know what sent her loins in a tizzy after wards; the nobility he displayed in defending her virtue, the swiftness with which he dispatched the brigands, or the fact that he was not interested in claiming her or trying to prove worthy of it.  He was eager to continue on his mission to find his friends, but she had never been rejected before and couldn't understand why he was passing up on such an honor and was not to be denied.  She attacked him, and when he responded with non aggressive self defense moves, she perceived it as dismissive, like she was unworthy of his attention and came at him full throttle.  he was forced to change his approach to dealing with her (which made her even more enamored)and eventually was able to knock her out, so that he could continue on his quest unmolested.  Her security detail found her and returned her to Almerac, but she could not stop thinking that she had finally found the one...!

- Although her people are not at war with Apokalips, it is only because they do not have the might to challenge them outright.  Maxima secretly seeks a mate stronger than she is to breed with in order to begin  populating her world with warriors strong enough to depose the Dark Lord.

- Maxima is significantly depowered from her comic version.  She has elements of the animated series and Smallville versions of the character.

- Her abilities do include: super strength, durability, and endurance; flight and chi manipulation (which includes energy projection and mesmerization).

-Maxima has an ulterior motive to finding a strong male worthy of mating with; she has yet to find someone capable of breaking her hymen...and believe me, she's tried!

- Maxima will learn of his battle with Darkseid and that will only make her more convinced that Superman is the one for her.  She will make her way to earth to find him where they can finish where they left off.

- Maxima will be one of the fighters to confront Doomsday upon his arrival on Earth, prior to  Superman's fateful battle with him.


Lobo: Fist of The Dog Star

Homeworld: Czarinia

Anime Inspiration: Kenshiro, Hokuto no Ken

Known as the Fist of the Dog Star, he bares scars on his chest in the pattern of the Canis Majoris constellation which contains Sirius, the dog star. years ago, Mongul arrived on Czarnia a planet of barbarians, and told them their planet was in his way.  the few thousand survivors of his purge were collected and told that he would take the survivors of the planet with him before destroying it...but there was only room for one. he would return in 3 days to claim the survivor and left them to fight for survival. he returned 3 weeks later to find a young boy on the top of a heap of corpses.  he took the boy into his transport ship which was big enough to carry all of the survivors that he had addressed weeks ago, and more.  Lobo grew up on Warworld, growing strong enough to challenge Mongul and make him pay for making him the last Czarnian.  Years after wandering the planet, and growing stronger, he confronted Mongul, who demolished him.  he pierced his chest in a pattern that resembled the constellation Canis Majoris, to remind him of what he had taken from him, before tossing him into a ravine and dropping a cliff on top of him.  He eventually clawed his way out and continued to seek him out to get his revenge.

- Based on Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star.

- Lobo's learned to trust and rely on no one due to  his encounters on warworld.  Perfect setup for his "lone wolf" attitude. 

- When Mongul returned to Czarnia to find Lobo as the sole survivor, he called him "The Main Man" mockingly.  Lobo would remind him of this title during their final battle.

- Although Lobo's strength is close to that of Superman's, he does not possess his invulnerability, having been wounded and even maimed on a number of occasions. But fortunately, his incredible ability to heal several times faster than a human being counteracts that misfortune.

- After leaving Warworld, Lobo will use his considerable fighting and tracking skills to be a mercenary/ bounty hunter...his reputation from Warworld will assist him in those pursuits.

- Similar to Drax in his Guardians of the Galaxy film appearance; after his fight with Mongul, Lobo will realize his true fight for vengeance is still yet to be had...and begins to track Darkseid.



Homeworld: Debstam IV

Anime Inspiration: Raoh The Conqueror, Hokuto no Ken

Supreme ruler of Warworld, Mongul  was originally located on a planet by Apokaliptan Forces.  They were seeking raw materials and recruits, and Mongul and his warriors gave them opposition they had not encountered before.  This prompted the arrival of Darkseid to handle the matter personally. He faced the armies of the united bloodlines of all of Debstam IV, wiping them out with minimal effort.  Ultimately, only Mongul stood against Darkseid, on his own and after three days of trying to land a solid strike on Darkseid, finally connected.  For his bravery and tenacity he was provided an opportunity to ensure the survival of his planet by sacrificing his entire bloodline, or save himself and allow for the eradication of his whole world.  He chose self preservation and he was forced to wipe out his entire planet's population.  Darkseid saw potential in him and groomed him personally.  Eventually giving him the coveted position of training his Kryptonian Raiders. After Darkseid destroyed all of Krypton and its cache of powerful warriors along with it, Mongul had to revise his strategy of taking the throne of Apokalips from his ruler.. He had planned to utilize the raiders, but they were now gone.  He enlisted his scientists to come up with a contingency plan involving the use of the dna they had on file that wasn't purged by his agents after the fall of Krypton.  he also sought to find warriors to use against his master and tried to create a fighter as strong as Mongul himself and did the same to Czarnia as was done to his homeworld.  He would learn of his success when he was confronted by Lobo, The Fist of The Dog Star.  He approached him as Mongul was going head to head with Superman.  Lobo and Superman had a brief acquaintance  a few days prior after having both been captives of The Preserver who sought to add The Last Son of Krypton and The Last Czarnian to his collection of rare beings.  Lobo and Mongul fought furiously , and part of that battle spilled into the cloning lab where the Doomsday Device was being built.  Eventually, Lobo was victorious.  Completely spent from the battle he dropped from his injuries and as he lay bleeding out, and ready to succumb to death's embrace, he began to relive his life until he came upon the recolection that Czarnia fell by Mongul's hand...but under orders from Darkseid.  He forced himself to his feet and found a vehicle and started to make his way to Apokalips.

-Based on Raoh the conqueror from Fist of the North Star.  He also has elements of Mojo from x men

- Originally had his final fight on Warworld with Orion, but I decided to allow him to close the chapter and make it with Lobo. 

- I wanted the battle to resemble the final battle in Fist of the North Star between Kenshiro and Raoh.

- After dying at the hands of Lobo, the same cloning mishap the leads to the creation of Lil' Lobo creates a clone of Mongul as well.  I did this to emulate the mainstream story line of Mongul's son taking over after his demise.

- Mongul revealed Darkesid's part in Lobo's homeworld dying as a means to use him as his weapon against him.

- The clones of Mongul and Lobo will grow up on together Warworld, but at an advanced rate.  They will be friends, until they realize their history and destiny has something else in store for them.

- Debating on the possibility of the existence of another clone of Mogul that is female...

- Superman uses one of the decommissioned Kryptoninan solar radiation bath chambers to recover after his fight with Mongul before going to find his friends and face Darkseid.


Orion: Fist of The Hunt Star

Homeworld: New Genesis

Anime Inspiration: Rei, Hokuto no Ken

Orion is known as the Fist of the Hunt Star. when the two worlds Apokolips & New Genesis tried to end an eons old war, their two respective leaders decided to end hostilities by trading their newborns. Orion grew up as the son of Highfather on New Genesis.  his father's blood, however was strong within him and Highfather had the boy trained in the arts of combat to channel his combative impulses. He trained with the New Gods, whom he considers his family even though he feels apart from them.  He leaves his home when his violent tendencies get the better of him and he injures one of his friends.  He resides on Warworld in attempts to hone his combat skills until he is ready to take on his birth father, Darkseid.  Hoping to finally rid himself of the anger that is constantly within him.

- Based on Rei from Fist of the North Star

- Orion has the ability to track anyone, based on his skills developed in his unique fighting style.  He is New Genesis' most skilled hunter.  The only person that's shown skills anywhere close to this is Lobo...The Fist of the Dog Star.

- Because of this, the two have a rivalry...they have fought before.

- They will pass up the opportunity to settle their dispute when Orion interrupts Lobo's battle with Kalibak, and challenges his brother; which allows Lobo to engage Mongul.  then returns to New Genesis via Boom Tube generated by Mother Box.

- I wanted to have his harness be a part of his uniform that adapts to combat mode when he wants , and then resembles the one we all know more at that point.

- Kalibak hates Orion for being given the opportunity to flee the harsh existence he's had to endure.  Orion feels pity towards him...which makes Kalibak hate him more.



Homeworld: Apokalips

Anime Inspiration: Frieza, Dragonball Z

Darkseid was born Uxas to King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra of Apokalips, a world where the pursuit of science was looked down upon and not as strong as the pursuit for power.  Prince Uxas, second in line to the throne of Apokolips, favored the scientific aspect of his nature even though his parents were both fearsome warriors.  Although already universally feared and considerably powerful, his father pursued hidden avenues to increase the power at his disposal, until it drove him mad, leading to his disappearance.  Heggra became a harsh dictator in her husband's absence preparing her sons to take the crown.  Uxas was forced to embrace the path to power but, chose not to abandon his nature and employed his scientific quest for knowledge to get him there.  Utilizing physics and mathematics, he crafted algorithms and equations to develop a training regimen and fighting style that made him just as powerful as his brother Drax.  His thirst for knowledge made him powerful, but power was not all that was needed to rule the harsh world he was to inherit.  Drax was heartless and feared, like his father before him, and plotted to seize power over the planet from his mother, the Regent.  To this end, Drax, attempted to claim the fabled Omega Force, that their father possessed and used to subjugate those who dared stand against him. He did this by killing and draining the power of thousands of inhabitants of Genesis, reigniting a war with the planet's inhabitants.  Uxas calculations led to a discovery, and through this understanding, was now able to understand the true nature of the Omega Force, claiming the power for himself.   Drax could not understand how his weak brother could withstand the power of the Omega Force in his frail body, or how he was able to obtain it without the necessary sacrifice, but before he could act Uxas murdered him and took the power within his brother for himself; transforming him, and he renamed himself Darkseid.  One of the children of Genesis, Izaya, was a born fighter and sought to attain the highest level of fighting.  He trained and fought relentlessly until he had attained such an understanding of the universe through combat, that he was capable of decimating legions of Apokalips' Parademons with what appeared to be no action at all.  With this art of  Non Combat, he challenged Darkseid to individual combat and the battle was so devastating it destroyed Genesis.  However, he proved that he and his people were powerful enemies, and if they brought the fight to Apokalips, could result in the same level of destruction.  He trained the warriors of his world(who now referred to him as, Highfather) in the arts of combat and enlightenment  he had mastered granting powers to them that changed the tide of the war creating a constant stalemate.  At some point, Darkseid fell in love with an Apokoliptian scientist-sorceress named Suli, with whom he had a son, Kalibak.  He kept this affair secret  as Darkseid had been forced by his mother to marry the warrior chieftain, Tigra.  however, his mother discovered his tryst and sought to rectify it before the Warclans turned against them.  while pregnant Suli was poisoned by Desaad on Heggra's behalf, who believed that Suli was corrupting her son.  Following Suli's death, Darkseid's heart grew even colder, and when his mother encouraged him to sire an heir with his bride, he did just that...with such a rage that she barely survived the experience.  once he had determined it was his mother who had taken  the last vestiges of his humanity, he had Desaad poison Heggra (with the same toxin she had him give Suli), finally becoming the supreme monarch of Apokolips, with Tigra as his queen; with whom he now also had a son.  After murdering his mother, Darkseid had Tigra eliminated and their son, Orion, was switched with The New God  Highfather's son, Scott Free, so as to cease the hostilities  between their worlds.   With the hostilities ended, Darkseid could devote his resources to his true pursuits, gaining ultimate power and knowledge.  Darkseid is responsible for the Kryptonian caste system of scientists and warriors. He saw how powerful a society could become when advanced science and skilled powerful warriors were allowed to mingle.  The division ensured that the two factions would never work in concert to overthrow his rule.  He had his agent Mongul use Warworld to combat train the warrior class.  it was prophesized that the key to the undoing of his empire would come from Space Sector 2814. since the only planet with advanced technology at the time were the inhabitants of the fourth world.  the population was wiped out, but the seers claimed the threat still existed. With Highfather & Darkseid's non-aggression treaty intact, an attack on guardian patrolled space would've violated that and brought down the wrath of New Genesis and the Spectrum Lantern Corps.  Darkseid made a deal with Sin-Es-Tro; Yellow Lantern of sector 2814 to ensure that the Kryptonian launched Solar Impact Shell would detonate the entire system.  he would destroy krypton after the shell was fired to eliminate the evidence.  he did however seal his own fate by sending the Kryptonian to earth.   After healing from the battle with Zod, Superman enlists his Justice League teammate Green Lantern to help him reach his friends.  She takes him to Oa where he meets the Martian Manhunter who provides him with the secret to Darkseid's destruction.  After arriving on Warworld, Superman began to make a name for himself and gained the attention of Darkseid by defeating some of his most powerful elite warriors.  Acknowledging the Last Son of Krypton's presence was no coincidence, he decided to eliminate whatever threat he posed...personally!

- Based on Frieza from Dragonball Z.

- Darkseid's Omega Beams are blasts of Pure Omega Force.  His ability to calculate the probabilities of a target's attempt to evade them are so precise that it almost appears as if the beams follow the target no matter what, when in reality he just predicted the movements that concisely.

- Darkseid has two sons; one who was born in love, which he grew to detest because it reminded him of when he was at his weakest and how much he'd lost, and one who was born in hatred that he grew to love (or the closest thing that he is now capable of) because he reminds him of how far he had come and the strength that he had taken for himself from his enemies.

- Tigra was the one who told Heggra of his secret affair with Suli, even though Uxas promised to help her acquire the throne...something he never wanted. 

- Darkseid and Highfather are polar opposites in that; One's ultimate pursuit of knowledge granted him power beyond his imagining, and one's pursuit  of combat transcended to a higher consciousness through an art of non-aggressive violence.

Highfather and the survivors of Genesis relocated to a new planet and christened it New Genesis, and were renamed The New Gods.

- Their new planet was fourth from that system's sun, and it was the fourth time their people had migrated.

- When Darkseid traded Tigra's son in the Peace treaty with New Genesis, it was originally a ruse, as he was going to detonate the child while Highfather held him and his defenses were down and attack immediately caring nothing for his hated deceased wife or her spawn.  Scott Free would've been terminated, until...he saw Orion's eyes were just like his own, and behind them...a glimpse of the Omega Force.

- Highfather's Spiritual Universal enlightenment is the ability to channel The Source.

- Highfather will be based on a Hokuto no Ken character as well.

- The detonation of the device that was meant to destroy Superman, Darkseid and all of Warworld was stopped from reaching the battle planet's core from a boomtube.  This is how Darkseid disappeared without a trace.  There is part of a hemisphere missing as a result.

MDCU: The Cards- Hellbound 2 by Nightshade475
MDCU: The Cards- Hellbound 2

Some new and old faces from The Deck!

left to right:
Asmodela, Etrigan, and Brimstone.

Zauriel (feat. Asmodela's origin):…
Etrigan's origin:…

The Tenshu Obake Karuta (Gods and Demons) Card Game origin:…



Card Title: The Dark Angel

Booster Cards: Celestial Spear, Dark Choir

Fallen Angel of the Malakhim Order of the Bull Host of Angels


Member of The Malakhim Order of Angels (which is responsible for dispensing God's wrath),  Asmodela is one of the fiercest warriors to ever pass through the Blessed Halls of the Halo Realms.   She plotted against her God when her feelings of love towards her fellow angel, Zauriel turned from familial to carnal.  I used the six wing design emblazoned with angelic script, as I wanted to show a visual link to Zauriel's design, which was inspired by DeviantArtist, Wen-M's Anima: Angels and Demons line.  I placed a faint tattoo image of a bull's head on her lower abdomen to represent the Bull Host, as Zauriel's reps the Eagle Host.  I used another of the Anima characters, Asmodeus as a foundation for her angelic armor, and Matthew Gaul for her hairstyle. I also wanted to show some of the original Asmodel's armor design to be evident.  The demon Asmodeus is connected to the Sin of Lust, which fit in well with the storyline I decided to pursue when I changed Asmodel's gender to have a more potent conflict between her and Zauriel.  As an a Fallen Angel (one exiled from the Halo Realms and banished to The Hell Realms), Asmodela is unique in the TOK game as she is capable of equipping items from both realms.  She cannot do so indefinitely, but she can utilize them and suffer no lasting ill-effects after having relinquishing them.  She had a battalion of Bull Host angels follow her to Earth when she was attempting to silence Zauriel's revelation of her attempted Deicide, and they were all absorbed into one card, Dark Choir. When she gains her freedom from her card, she will retain possession of the Dark Choir card to summon them as she chooses.  As she and her Choir never crossed into the Hell Realms upon their banishment due to the conflict that trapped them in the TOK cards, they still are technically of their previous Order and Host as opposed to the Nephelhim Order of the Daemon Host of all the other Fallen angels that reside in the Ninth Circle with their King , Lucifer.




Card Title: The Demon

Booster Cards: Infernal Armor, Infernal Sword

Demon Tormentor of the Seventh Circle Infernal


Bound to the treasonous Knight of the Table Round, Sir Jason the Bloody; Etrigan the Demon yearns to rid himself of his connection to the mortal who betrayed his own king.  Shown here with the equipped Booster Cards; Infernal Armor and Infernal Sword.  The Items belonging to a fallen Demon King on the battlefield of the Korangar/Espylacopa Conflict that was the birthplace of the Tenshu Obake Karuta.  I based The Infernal  Sword and Armor on Etrigan's most recent design in the Demon Knights comic of the New 52 line.  I also utilized Wen'M's Demon, Agares as inspiration for some of the armor's elements.  His wings show the damage that was inflicted by the demon, Brimstone under orders from the demon queen; Amanozako, The Wishweaver.  I used elements from Goliath of Disney's Gargoyles for some of the elements of Etrigan's design including having his wings fold and act like a cape.  As a Card of the TOK, Etrigan can participate in TOK Arena battles just like any other card.  Jason Blood, embarks on a quest for redemption and freedom from his curse, but falls victim to an even more powerful curse.  Etrigan must take up the remainder of the quest if he is to ever truly be free and in the process becomes a knight to accomplish this task...a Demon Knight.



Card Title: The Destroyer

Booster Cards: Hellfire Canon, Infernal Armor

Demon of the Eighth Circle Apocryphal


Servant of the demon queen; Amanozako, The Wishweaver, Brimstone revels in the unbridled ecstasy of destruction.  Merged his design with an existing demon image I found on the web.  I was toying with adding the immense canon that was on the character when I saw him on JLU.  The image was too reminiscent of Marvel's Holocaust from the Age of Apocalypse, so I opted against it.  I figured I could still use it by creating the Booster Card, Hellfire Canon.  Combined with the Infernal Armor card, will give him a look closer to that incarnation as well.  I also wanted to keep the immense height advantage he has over the already imposing Etrigan, to show how much at a disadvantage the latter was when they engaged in battle after the former refused to join Amanozako's campaign to rule all Nine Circles of the Hell Realms.



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