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MDCU: The Cards- Hellbound 2 by Nightshade475
MDCU: The Cards- Hellbound 2

Some new and old faces from The Deck!

left to right:
Asmodela, Etrigan, and Brimstone.

Zauriel (feat. Asmodela's origin):…
Etrigan's origin:…

The Tenshu Obake Karuta (Gods and Demons) Card Game origin:…



Card Title: The Dark Angel

Booster Cards: Celestial Spear, Dark Choir

Fallen Angel of the Malakhim Order of the Bull Host of Angels


Member of The Malakhim Order of Angels (which is responsible for dispensing God's wrath),  Asmodela is one of the fiercest warriors to ever pass through the Blessed Halls of the Halo Realms.   She plotted against her God when her feelings of love towards her fellow angel, Zauriel turned from familial to carnal.  I used the six wing design emblazoned with angelic script, as I wanted to show a visual link to Zauriel's design, which was inspired by DeviantArtist, Wen-M's Anima: Angels and Demons line.  I placed a faint tattoo image of a bull's head on her lower abdomen to represent the Bull Host, as Zauriel's reps the Eagle Host.  I used another of the Anima characters, Asmodeus as a foundation for her angelic armor, and Matthew Gaul for her hairstyle. I also wanted to show some of the original Asmodel's armor design to be evident.  The demon Asmodeus is connected to the Sin of Lust, which fit in well with the storyline I decided to pursue when I changed Asmodel's gender to have a more potent conflict between her and Zauriel.  As an a Fallen Angel (one exiled from the Halo Realms and banished to The Hell Realms), Asmodela is unique in the TOK game as she is capable of equipping items from both realms.  She cannot do so indefinitely, but she can utilize them and suffer no lasting ill-effects after having relinquishing them.  She had a battalion of Bull Host angels follow her to Earth when she was attempting to silence Zauriel's revelation of her attempted Deicide, and they were all absorbed into one card, Dark Choir. When she gains her freedom from her card, she will retain possession of the Dark Choir card to summon them as she chooses.  As she and her Choir never crossed into the Hell Realms upon their banishment due to the conflict that trapped them in the TOK cards, they still are technically of their previous Order and Host as opposed to the Nephelhim Order of the Daemon Host of all the other Fallen angels that reside in the Ninth Circle with their King , Lucifer.




Card Title: The Demon

Booster Cards: Infernal Armor, Infernal Sword

Demon Tormentor of the Seventh Circle Infernal


Bound to the treasonous Knight of the Table Round, Sir Jason the Bloody; Etrigan the Demon yearns to rid himself of his connection to the mortal who betrayed his own king.  Shown here with the equipped Booster Cards; Infernal Armor and Infernal Sword.  The Items belonging to a fallen Demon King on the battlefield of the Korangar/Espylacopa Conflict that was the birthplace of the Tenshu Obake Karuta.  I based The Infernal  Sword and Armor on Etrigan's most recent design in the Demon Knights comic of the New 52 line.  I also utilized Wen'M's Demon, Agares as inspiration for some of the armor's elements.  His wings show the damage that was inflicted by the demon, Brimstone under orders from the demon queen; Amanozako, The Wishweaver.  I used elements from Goliath of Disney's Gargoyles for some of the elements of Etrigan's design including having his wings fold and act like a cape.  As a Card of the TOK, Etrigan can participate in TOK Arena battles just like any other card.  Jason Blood, embarks on a quest for redemption and freedom from his curse, but falls victim to an even more powerful curse.  Etrigan must take up the remainder of the quest if he is to ever truly be free and in the process becomes a knight to accomplish this task...a Demon Knight.



Card Title: The Destroyer

Booster Cards: Hellfire Canon, Infernal Armor

Demon of the Eighth Circle Apocryphal


Servant of the demon queen; Amanozako, The Wishweaver, Brimstone revels in the unbridled ecstasy of destruction.  Merged his design with an existing demon image I found on the web.  I was toying with adding the immense canon that was on the character when I saw him on JLU.  The image was too reminiscent of Marvel's Holocaust from the Age of Apocalypse, so I opted against it.  I figured I could still use it by creating the Booster Card, Hellfire Canon.  Combined with the Infernal Armor card, will give him a look closer to that incarnation as well.  I also wanted to keep the immense height advantage he has over the already imposing Etrigan, to show how much at a disadvantage the latter was when they engaged in battle after the former refused to join Amanozako's campaign to rule all Nine Circles of the Hell Realms.

MangaJLA: Nextwave 2 by Nightshade475
MangaJLA: Nextwave 2

As promised(albeit very, very late..) the return to the Second team of Justice League heroes!

left to right:
Top- Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado
Bottom- Blue Beetle, Black Canary, Emerald Archer

Martian Manhunter

Alter Ego: J'onn J'onzz
Occupation: Alien commando,  
Ma'aleca'andra (Mars); Midorugaiku, Japan
Affiliations: Manhunter Army of Oa, Spectrum Lantern Corps, Manhunters of Earth
Known Relatives: M'gaan M'orzz (ward)
Abilities: Psionic abilities; can mentally manipulate surgically implanted genetic scrambler (which masks his genetic signature from detection), to alter his genetic structure; allowing him to shift his shape and density.
Anime Inspiration: ???

After the conflict with the White Martian invaders, posing as the Super Heroic Hyperclan, J'onn takes custody of their captive; a fellow White Martian that they experimented on, and is now the only one of their kind to retain her inherent Martian abilities.  Martian physiology allows for them to have superhuman strength, durability, speed, endurance, while their version of the metegene grants them considerable mental abilities which include telepathy, flight, and energy projection.  J'onn  reluctantly releases her on her own recognizance initially, secretly keeping tabs on the girl to ensure that she is no longer colluding with others of her kind to make a second attempt at overtaking the earth.  He discovers that she uses her abilities to secretly track down metegene enhanced humans that commit crimes.  While surveiling her, he bears witness to her being approached by a reserve commando unit of  White Martians, led by Commander Blanx.  Feeling vindicated in his suspicion of her, he moves in only to find them torturing her.  As it turned out, she had been branded a race traitor, and they were there to take vengeance.  J'onn frees her, but in the process gets captured.  M'gaan escapes the facility, only to realize that her pursuer was probably going to die after sacrificing himself to free her.  She intentionally trips the alarms to alert J'onn's Manhunter trainees to her location and draws them to where they are holding the Martian Manhunter captive.  The Manhunters break off their pursuit of M'gaan when they realize their commanding officer is in distress and after freeing him, they attempt to battle their way through Blanx' unit.  However, the human Manhunter unit is at a disadvantage, and so is their unlikely ally.  She was able to use her physical advantages over the humans she had previously engaged with, but that advantage wasn't helping her against her own people, armed with much more combat training and skills.  When they were all about to be overtaken, she lashed out with her untrained psionic abilities, incapacitating the entire commando unit. The Martian Manhunter retakes custody of her and brings the captive to Oa, as it turns out she has become a target for others as well thanks to an intergalactic bounty on her head.  The Guardians implant her with a genetic scrambler similar to his.  The Guardians decide to contain her in one of the Sciencell prisons on Oa, until J'onn volunteers to keep her in his custody.  He trains her alongside his Earthbound Manhunter Unit, to ensure that she can defend herself when he's otherwise occupied. 

 - The Guardians noticed the genetic anomaly in her genetic scan, and designated her as a Metegene Sensor: Martian. 

- The Guardians agree to implanting the genetic scrambler because M'gaan is capable of being substitued for J'onn in Darkseid's Anti Life Equation.  If anybody is capale of training her how to avoid their nefarious clutches, its him. 

- J'onn is a lot harsher on M'gaan than their comic counterparts.  He gives her the R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket treatment, and she responds with the Bill Murray in Stripes antics.  However, she is one of his most promising trainees...something which is also infuriating to him.



Alter Ego: Kendra Takagawa/ Shayera
Occupation: Student, Antiquity shop clerk, Tenshu Obake Karuta Tournament Battler
Protectorate: Thanagar, Nakahodo, Japan.
Affiliations: TOK Card League, Birds of Prey, Thanagarian Religious Order
Known Relatives: Michikai Takagawa(great-uncle), Shiryu Takagawa(grandfather, deceased), Michikai Takagawa(father, deceased), Teruna Takagawa (mother, deceased)/ Qatar Ohl(husband),
Abilities: Merged with former mystic game card Shayera, the Hawk-Angel; Winged flight, enhanced strength and senses, avian telepathy, armed with Mace of Winds

Anime Inspiration: Yugioh

Kendra moved to Nakahodo to live with her grandfather, Shiryu after her parents died.  When he passed away, with nowhere else to go, she went to go live with her grandfather's brother (whom had been estranged from the family for decades), to avoid going into the foster care system.  Her great-uncle, Michikai (whom she would later learn her father was named after) owned a rare antiques shop, and immediately put Kendra to work.  They initially had a tumultuous relationship, but eventually found a homeostasis amongst one another.  She had a hard time making new friends, and keeping her schedules for class.  Needing a project for a school history project , Kendra finds an antique box in her great-uncle's antiquities shop, and takes it.  later, she discovers a set of cards inside.  the cards were actually part of the Tenshi Obake Karuta; a deck of ancient game cards, utilizing captured mystical creatures and beings.  while on a school trip to a museum trying to research the cards, she crosses paths with a wealthy businessman, Carl Sands; who competes with her in a duel utilizing the cards, after she challenged him to prevent him from taking them outright.  Growing impatient, Sands fatally injures Kendra, violating the ancient  rules of engagement...costing him his soul.  Kendra was fortunate enough to activate the last card in her hand; Shayera, The Hawk Angel, who then entered her dying body, merging with her to become...Hawkgirl.  After unlocking other TOK Sealed Beings, joining the kunoichi squad, Birds of Prey, and learning Shayera's past as an alien fugitive, and a ruler of ancient Egypt, Kendra learns that Shayera and Qatar Ohl's homeworld of Thanagar is in grave danger.  A young man named Adam Strange has come into contact with an alien species that is currently at war with the Hawk's homeworld.  When the conflict spills to the Terran soil, Strange gathers a team of space faring adventurers to try to prevent galactic scale genocide

- Captain Comet and Captain Venture join Adam, Kendra, Haru, and a Green Lantern to stop the Rann-Thanagar war.

- Adam Strange is the son of Hugo Strange, an idea initially conceived by Red-Rum-18.

- The Booster Card, Nth Metal Armor was originally Qatar Ohl's as part of his uniform as one of the Hawkmen of Thanagar; the planet's Militia.  As part of the TOK, it can be equipped to Shayera and mystically conforms to fit her.


Black Canary

Alter Ego: Zashiki Kurotori
Occupation: Former kunoichi assassin, former shinobi clan Blackbird Courier,  adventurer
Protectorate: The Aerie; Hitoshirenu, Japan
Affiliations: Blackbird Shinobi Clan of Hitoshirenu, Birds of Prey, League of Shadows,
Known Relatives: Hishou Kurotori (husband), Moriko Kurotori (daughter), Ryouhei Kurotori (stepson), Lady Shiva(adopted sister), Hush(adopted neice)
Abilities: Assassin class Jounin level kunoichi; Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Ba-Dokeru (Bird Call Summoning Technique),

When she discovered her master, O-Sensei had disappeared and the rest of her team/family, the Wǔ Xíng disbanded; the deadly kunoichi, Jade Canary struck out on her own and found a wild young girl named Zashiki.  Reminding her of her long lost little sister, she made the young girl her apprentice.  The younger kunoichi would eventually take the name Red Canary.  After some time, Onishusoku, The Demon's Head appeared to collect on his bargain to free Jade Canary from her bonds to the League of Shadows; Jade Canary's only mission was to convince her apprentice to infiltrate the clandestine organization known as the Red Hand.  Red Canary operated as a member of the League of Shadows while under orders of the Red Hand, but secretly gathered information for Onishusoku.  When her undercover game became too dangerous, she told Onishusoku that if she wasn't extracted from the organization in a week, she would be dead.  When the deadline came, Onishusoku came through with an escape.  It meant marrying into the legendary noble Blackbird Clan to the heir, Blackhawk.  As a show of good faith that he intended to follow through on his promise, he split an ancient artifact and gave the two canaries the halves.  she did go through with the wedding, breaking the heart of the love of her life, Ori Kisaki to start her new life with her new clan (the two didn't see each other for years...14 to be exact).  After her wedding, She changed her name to Black Canary, and carried out missions for the Blackbird Clan, under its leader, Black Eagle.  Eventually the mantle of leadership passed down to his son.  As Lady of the Clan, Zashiki was now referred to  as Lady Blackhawk.  Her husband, Lord Blackhawk refused to risk his wife in the field, and she was restricted from active duty.  She therefore, plots behind the scenes, secretly creating various black ops groups; The Birds of Prey, The Secret Six, and The Outsiders.  When her daughter and the rest of the Birds discover that she manipulated them into organizing, they oust her from the group and decide to continue to operate without her.  Her husband confronts her on her extracurricular activities, (which he had been turning a blind eye to, until he discovered her continued contact with her ex led to their daughter questioning her parentage) and banishes her from the Aerie as well.  She goes back to the Justice League fulltime, but keeps an eye on her daughter, despite her not wanting anything to do with her.  On one of the BoP missions, the girls come across a deadly kunoichi assassin, dressed all in white in an outfit similar to Zashiki's,  who has skills enough to take down the entire team without breaking a sweat.  When the assailant goes in for the kill on the younger Black Canary, Zashiki steps in and blocks the blow.  The two fight, with the all white garbed assassin clearly being the better fighter.  She completes her contract kill that the girls attempted to prevent, and prior to vanishing refers to Zashiki as, "Siu Jerk Jai", a name only used by Lady Shiva...

- Now ousted from the Blackbird Clan, Zashiki is at risk of the Red Hand returning to claim vengeance for her betrayal of their organization.  This is why she spends so much time travelling from Hitoshirenu to Hoshitokai, and various other locations.

- The Kunoichi they fought is the MDCU White Canary...if that wasn't apparent.

- "Siu Jerk Jai" translates as "little bird" and is a name attributed to the comic version of Black Canary that was given to her by her master, that Shiva picked up to calling her, as they had the same master.

- Obviously, White Canary has a connection to Lady Shiva, which Zashiki will investigate after this encounter.

- Ryuohei (Black Condor)is the firstborn son of Blackhawk prior to him taking over the clan. as lady of the clan, Lady Blackhawk made it so that his birthright as heir has been usurped for that of her own offsprin, Moriko. This of course, caused tremendous strife within the family as well as the clan. there is a faction that supports his claim, but dare not defy their lord, secretly plotted for the young mistress to have a tragedy befall her multiple times throughout her childhood.  When Lord Blackhawk discovered his son's connection to the attempts, he banished him from the clan, and vowed his swift death if he ever returned to Hitoshirenu.

- what no one knows is that Zashiki was secretly behind the attempts, in a ploy to get rid of her daughter's competition for heir to the clan, especially if she was biologically her first love's...

- We now know that the two halves of the artifact that Onishusoku gave to Red and Jade Canary combined to form the map to the legendary Hi-No-Tama; home of the Reikon, and its Oracle.


Emerald Archer

Alter Ego: Ori Kisaki
Occupation: Archeologist, museum curator
Protectorate: Hoshitokai Province, Japan
Affiliations: Precious Archers, Seven Soldiers of Victory,
Known Relatives: Takasourou (son), Ryo Hama (adopted son)
Abilities: Master Archer, Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Emerald Archer Battalion;
Anime Inspiration: Anime Archer

Ori Kisaki was trapped in the cave-in started by Kisai Mahoutsukai to cover his theft of the Obsidian and Onyx armor and weapons in the archeological find that unearthed the Precious Archer Brigades that was buried with the former emperor that commissioned their creation.  After he found an underground source of water, he began practicing with the  weapons that he was imprisoned with.  At some point in the months that he was there, he fell ill and began to hallucinate.  He had visions that he was transported to the time of the creation of the weapons he had found.  There, he witnessed the immortal Amethyst gather the riches of the faction protecting one of the disputed child emperors and offered them to her mother, the goddess, Marishiten (goddess of wealth); who was revered as a tutelary deity of the warrior class(especially archers), and sister to the war god, Bishamon.  Amethyst used the craft of creating enchanted weapons that she learned from Arion, son of Dainichi, to forge mystic jeweled armor and weapons to outfit an army great enough to defend against the joint samurai-shinobi army.  Each Brigade was crafted using a particular precious gems or metal, with the special inherent properties in them used for the foundation of the enchantment of each.  A mystic was assigned to each brigade, tasked with crafting the enchantment to empower the weapons to unlock amazing abilities when utilized.  The mystic charged with the creation of enchantment of the Emerald Archer Brigade, was Yao Fei.  It was the spirit of Yao Fei which led Kisaki to find the herbs which would cure his illness, saving his life.  The Spirit of Yao Fei would help him to decipher the texts that would help him unlock the secrets of the Precious Arrows and prepare him for when he finally emerged from his entombment.  After his time collecting the new archers of the Precious Archer Brigades, Ori will be revisited by the spirit of Yao Fei, which will lead him on a quest in a race to find the Celestial Bow of Yi.

- Some time after their son, Kompera, killed his estranged wife- Iki-Ryo; Dainichi remarried Marishiten. 

- Yao Fei comes from the inclusion of the character in the CW network series, Arrow.

- Merlin the Magician was the sorcerer employed to cast the enchantments on the Onyx Battalion.  I chose this, as the mainstream version of the villainous archer goes by the name, Merlyn.

- The Celestial Bow of Yi will belong to the Celestial Archer, and is the basis for which all of the precious bows are mere inferior copies of. 

- The attraction between Ori's son, Takasourou(Jade Archer/Connor Hawke) and Moriko(Black Canary II) prompts Ori to reveal that he may be her father, to prevent a relationship between the two possible siblings.

- Still deciding if I want Mai(Gilded Archer/Mia Dearden) to be Ori's sister...


Red Tornado

Alter Ego: None
Occupation: Adventurer
Protectorate: Earth; Kandenchi National Park, Japan
Affiliations: Forces of Nature,
Known Relatives: Ashita Myounichi (father/creator), Blue Inferno (sibling), Yellow Avalanche (sibling), Green Tsunami (sibling), Black Lightning (sibling)
Abilities: Air elemental housed in android body;
capable of generating bursts of cyclone-force winds that enable flight, enhanced speed
Anime Inspiration: Avatar Aang of Avatar: The Last Airbender

After evading capture and reprogramming from his former teammates in the Forces of Nature, the air elemental android, Red Tornado finally found the elusive First Android; Black Lightning, and he was indeed...miraculously, human.  Red Tornado inquired how he achieved such an implausible transformation, and how he too could do the same.  Black Lightning explained to his replacement, that if he desired to become human, he would have to make an emotional connection to one of them...and then kill them.  Ironically, in order to achieve that which he wanted most, he'd have to kill that which made him what he wanted most.  Feeling defeated, and not wishing to make such a sacrifice, he gave up on his dreams of attaining humanity, and continued on in his life as a crime-fighter.  However, he began to distance himself from humans more and more, until it began to affect him to the point that he didn't even consider human casualties in battle, viewing them as acceptable collateral damage to complete the mission.  When this became apparent to the Nextwave team, Red Tornado was dismissed from active duty.  Maxine Horiuchi, who had been unwittingly taking part in the underground Fight Club known as Metabrawl as the Glamslammer, Cyclone; escaped when she broke free from her hypnotic suggestion.  She returned to Kandenchi National Park, where she had lived with her grandmother.  The elder Horuchi ran a foster home for runaways and wayward children, and all the residents referred to her as "Ma".  Red wound up staying there in an attempt to get back in touch with the compassion he once had.  A young girl, Kasari Shureno, took to the task of helping to reacclimatize the synthetic humanoid with what it meant to be human, as well as part of a family.  Red spent a lot of time with the teenage mother, and her toddler daughter, Traya.  Eventually, Red was discovered by the Forces.  Instead of running like he always had, when they caught up to him, he decided to stand his ground, once and for all.  The battle commenced and the Forces unleashed their elemental attacks with devastating results to the surrounding area. Maxine's grandmother tried as best she could to ensure that innocents caught in the destructive path of these elemental androids were evacuated out of harm's way.  Red was holding his own against the other three, as he no longer had to contend with the distraction of protecting innocents and could focus all of his attacks on his opponents.  The longer they fought, the more extensive the devastation.   a group of humans tried desperately to continue to rescue those caught in the wake of the battle.  Eventually, Red had the others on the ropes, on the verge of dispatching them;  he finally took notice of what was going on around him.  The elderly woman he'd met was about to die to save people that were endangered due to Red's recklessness.  In trying not to lose the  humanity he sought , he realized he already had.  He cut off his attack to dive after the humans in freefall , after a cliff had given way, to catch them risking his self as he turned his back on his opponents.  He sacrificed himself to save the others and opened himself up to their unrelenting attacks as he was unable to defend as his power was focused on getting the humans to safety.  Just as he was about to shield a young child with his body from a team assault from Yellow Avalanche and Blue Inferno, Green Tsunami deflected the attack meant for him.  Seeing him in action making sacrifices to save these humans awakened something in her as well.  She began to help him out against their brothers and assist the humans' escape from the devastation that their battle had unleashed.  Ma Horuchi, Maxine, and her younger cousin Felix all stood between Red and his brothers.  Red remembered the story Black Lightning had told him, and tried to focus his elemental energy directly to his protectors and funneled a bit of his essence into them.  This gave them enough of the elemental energies that the three were now exhibiting the use of elemental air wielding abilities.  they held off the other androids long enough for Red and Green Tsunami to get the others to safety.  Blue Inferno and Yellow Avalanche kept at the three, who were remarkably adept at using the wind powers granted to them by their android friend.  Red and Green returned to turn the tide, when without warning another android arrived on the scene.  An imposing android, calling himself Red Volcano stated that he was their father's latest and greatest creation.  He was the replacement for Tornado, like he once was for Black Lightning.  He was there to do what his inferior siblings couldn't do; take the rogue offline...permanently. Utilizing his ability to generate and manipulate lava, Red Volcano lashed out at the heroes with devastating attacks.  when he felt the other two androids were getting in his way, he attacked them as well.  He said that he was the only Force of Nature their creator needed to further his agenda.  Now, with all of the Elemental Androids united, the fight continued, again endangering the humans in the vicinity.  The Green, Blue, and Yellow androids were all irreparably damaged saving the lives of Red Tornado's friends.  In a flash of Lightning, The first android, Black Lightning appeared to help out his brother against this powerfully dangerous threat.  The two of them, along with the three human wind manipulators battled the Lava wielding android.  Eventually deactivating Red Volcano, however, the strain of the events proved too much for Ma Horuchi's grandson and his asthma got the better of him.  Red Tornado let out a primal yell of anguish, that resonated with a wave of elemental energy.  He felt his spirit leave the android housing, as he realized that this was his chance to become mortal by inhabiting this boy's body, but instead, in his unrestrained elemental form, he decided instead to breathe life back into the boy. Everyone watched him as he attempted to resuscitate him. the boy finally gasped for air, and the air elemental returned to reanimate his android housing.  In celebrating the boy's revival, they hadn't noticed, Ma Horuchi's heart had stopped.  Red tried desperately to revive her, to no avail.  he was severely depleted and could not return to his pure form to do what he had just done with her grandson.  Black Lightning was depleted as well from neutralizing the threat of their latest sibling, and couldn't generate enough electrical energy to defibrillate her.  When he realized she was gone, a single tear ran down Red Tornado's face from one of his optics.  Even though he was still in an android body, he had learned what it truly meant to be human. 

 -I wanted Red to attain humanity, spiritually, but not physically.  That was the arc of his journey; the discovery that he didn't need a mortal body to be human.

- I wanted to redeem the other Elemental Androids, so I decided to come up with a threat that was bigger than them.

-Red Volcano is based on the Animated Young Justice version of the character as well as Ghazan, The Lavabender from Legend of Korra; the sequel series to The Last Airbender.

- Wanted to introduce the original Red Tornado, Ma Hunkel, as well as upgrade Cyclone to give her the elemental abilities she has in the comics.

- after exposure to Red Tornado's elemental energy, Maxine possesses the power of wind manipulation. She is able to mentally summon cyclones and whirlwinds, project powerful bursts of air, and fly through the air by riding wind currents. She employs the dance based fighting style she developed in Metabrawl to manifest her abilities, not unlike an Airbender from the Avatar Universe.

- Later, Maxine will unveil that she can control sound currents as well, gathering and sending sound waves.

- after collectively, selflessly sacrificing themselves to protect human lives; deviating from their programming, Blue Inferno, Green Tsunami, and Yellow Avalanche will awaken in human bodies, and go off to discover the world.

-Green Tsunami, will go by just, "Tsunami" and join Cyclone in her attempts to bring down Roulette and her Metabrawl.

-Tsunami's human form is based on Miya Shimada, of the All-Star Squadron. She will wear a more revealing outfit, reminiscent of her mainstream one whilst a Glamslammer.

- Yellow Avalanche's human form is based on DC Comics villain; Adam Fells, aka Geomancer

- Blue Inferno's human form is based on golden age comic hero, The Blue Flame. His alter ego will be Jaxon Farrell, based on the original comic's publisher, Ajax-Farrell.

- Kasari Shureno = Kathy Sutton. I de-aged Red's wife into a teenage runaway/unwed mother to make her closer in age to the youthful appearance of my version of RT.  Because his relationship with her and her daughter are so vital to his character development I kept it, but with a bit of a twist.

- Ma Hunkel was original based out of Battery Park , NYC.  Kandenchi is Japanese for battery, and I based them in a national park to connect to the original and give them a massive area to damage with their battle.

- Due to Felix's condition, he cannot retain the use of the air elemental energy without risking his life; so he returned it to Red Tornado. They maintain a connection however.


Blue Beetle

Alter Ego: Tetsuo Kudo
Occupation: Former thief, reality show star
Protectorate: Hoshitokai Province, Japan
Affiliations: The Reach, Booster Gold
Known Relatives: Gyosha Kudo(uncle)
Abilities: Alien Nanosect device allows host to release swarm of nanomachines that can construct armor and weaponry
Anime Inspiration:  Kamen Rider Kabuto

Tetsuo Kudo was a thief who worked for his uncle, Gyosha Kudo, a longtime fence in Hoshitokai Province.  A gifted inventor, he had one of his inventions stolen by one of his friends, which made him an overnight tech sensation.  When he tried to break into his place of business to steal it back, he was caught and arrested.  His father died while he was in jail, and after being expelled from college, he had no money or prospects.  He started doing jobs for his uncle to make a living, as no one would hire an ex-con.  It was on one of these heists that Tetsuo was sent to appropriate an item from a museum.  While there, he was drawn to an ancient Egyptian exhibit, that held a blue hued scarab artifact.  It seemed almost as if it was making a low sound...almost like, words.  Just then, an armored man burst through the skylight.  Calling himself, the Crimson Centipede, he told Tetsuo to pick up the scarab so that they might conclude their death battle which began centuries ago.  Tetsuo tried to flee, but the Centipede grabbed him by the throat and tossed him into the display case, breaking it.  Once The Scarab had made contact with Tetsuo's back, it activated for the first time in thousands of years, releasing the nanoswarm of The Khepera, and forming the Blue Beetle armor around him.  He instinctively engaged in battle, however, whenever one of the two combatants attempted to strike a fatal blow, the wearer's own armor would prevent him from doing so.  As it turned out, the original Nanosect devices; The Cerulean Centipede and the Scarlet Scarab had infected each other with nanites from the other, not only altering the color of the device, but the two would see each other as part of the same system and were unable to destroy itself.  Crimson Centipede fled, vowing to find a way to finish off his counterpart to be free of his engagement protocols.  He would believe he found that in Jenna Akabashi, aka Jenazzz, The Honey Bee.  The deposed Queen of the Hive of The Thriae had  travelled the world and made many connections, after fleeing the realm of Ah Muzen Cab. One of these connections was with a clandestine organization known as The Red Hand.  In an exchange of information and services, she was led to a person who had possession of an ancient card in the Tenshu Obake Karuta deck. The booster card, Amber Apoidea was claimed from the unfortunate victim, and she began tracking the movements of Kendra Takagawa to try to locate a way of freeing the nanosect device. She became friends with the young TOK battler and when Kendra found a way to release beings and items from the cards, she betrayed her trust and used it to free the device. However, it was still damaged and could not even fully form the armor of the Amber Apoidea.  In her attempts to activate the armor, she drew the attention of the Crimson Centipede.  Linked to the device that preceded it, the elements of the  Centipede's armor that were originally of the Scarlet Scarab maintained a connection to the pieces of the Apoidea that had been altered by the Khepera's former champion, The Silver Scarab. The Crimson Centipede wished to end the battle within itself that it could not conclude as it was unable to end the Blue Beetle, so it activated the dormant Silver Scarab nanites with some of its own to complete the formation of the Apoidea armor, but since it was powered by his own, the now complete suit turned from its yellowish hue to red. The armor was complete but she did not have the replication abilities of a fully functioning nanosect device to create a swarm or weapons.  Under orders from the Centipede, Red Bee attacked Blue Beetle, but was unable to accomplish the task of killing him.  She eventually broke free of the Centipede's control.  Blue Beetle had resumed his device's protection Protocols and taken to protecting the innocent of his city.  His uncle tried to get him back to a life of criminal activity, to which he refused.  Knowing he needed money, he had him followed and his goons were there when he rejected Ori Kisaki's offer of a position at the museum.  Gyosha confronted his nephew, as he had never retrieved what was originally asked of him from the museum; The Eye of Horus.  He had taken the young lady that worked at the museum, whom he had saved that night from the Centipede and visited daily ever since.  His uncle held her hostage until he completed his mission.   When in the museum, Beetle battled The Emerald Archer until he was able to rescue the museum employee, freeing Beetle to take down his criminal escorts, The Madmen.  Not long afterwards, Beetle would become friends with the time displaced Hero, Bio-Booster Gold, and after some convincing from an independent film crew, become the subject of the world's newest internet sensation;  a superhero reality show called, The Brave and the Bold: Blue and Gold.  One of the episodes would involve Beetle and Booster recruiting their own temporary  team of Justice Leaguers when the Alpha Team as offworld and the Nextwavers indisposed.  The team would include;  former Undersea Samurai, Fire and Icemaiden, a new Dr. Light(Kimyo Hoshi), and Elongated Man.

 - Tetsuo Kudo = Ted Kord

-Gyosha Kudo = Jarvis Kord

- The original archeologist that unearthed the Scarab was Dan Garret. 

- Blue Beetle's weapon in this pic was derived from a Big Bad Beetleborg weapon...seemed fitting.

- Blue Beetle can utilize the nanoswarm to assume any weapon or tool he can conceive of.  Once he loses physical contact with it for a certain amount of time, it reverts back to a swarm of nanites and returns to the scarab to be recharged or disintegrate.

- Beetle can also create vehicles, but the size of it determines how many nanites he has in reserve.  once he depletes that, the nanites that compose his armor can still be utilized, however, that leaves parts of him exposed and vulnerable.

- As Blue Beetle's design is based on a Kamen Rider, he has a penchant for generating motorcycles as his go-to mode of transport.

- When the Scarlet Scarab engaged the Amber Apoidea, in order for her to survive, he used some of his nanites to reconstruct elements of her armor to enable life support, as they were battling in a geosynchronous orbit. This is how  Crimson Centipede was able to link his corrupted nanites with it.

- The Eye of Horus was a Dan Garrett villain.

- The Madmen were early Ted Kord villains.  This version is just a group of thugs who work for Tetsuo's uncle.

MangaDCU: Totems- Cicada by Nightshade475
MangaDCU: Totems- Cicada

Cicada: David Hersch

Insect Totem; Cicada

Kingdom of Insecton, Realm of Animus

Occupation: Assassin

Affiliation: Tabu, Hamed-Ali


Cicada is an assassin in the employ of Tabu and the Dark Totem, Hamed-Ali.  When Billy "Animal Man" Baker becomes too difficult for her minions to capture and begins to incite the Kingdoms of Animus to unite and rise up against their rule, she decides to bring in her most effective associate.  Cicada (taken from the Flash's rogues gallery), like all Totems can transform into an animal from the realm he hails from.  The original character had an in-continuity cult following, as well as a level of immortality.  This version has the ability to implant his dna within human hosts, and once it has taken root, exert a measure of control over the host.  If Hersch sustains a fatal injury, he can activate the dna in one of the carriers and rewrite the host's dna to become a new duplicate body of his and transfer his consciousness to it...effectively becoming reborn.  The rewrite only occurs if his current body ceases life functions.  He can also see through the eyes of his followers, but unless they are all looking at the same target, he can get overwhelmed by the images, so he limits it to seeing through one at a time.  Hersch also has an ability to generate a vibrational sound wave that he can then amplify through his followers. HIs final stage transformation has wings for flight, amplified sonic abilities, and the ability to enhance his followers to a much weaker version of his mid stage transformation.  Cicada is fiercely loyal to the concept of "the contract" and a bit of a fanatic.  He becomes a bit of a mentor to Firefly, as the only other Insect Totem she has met is Killer Moth, who is not that adept with his abilities.   He attempts to bring her to his side of the fence she has been straddling since encountering Animal Man and his Wild Things. 


- Cicadas have three small eyes, or ocelli, located on the top of the head between the two large eyes that match the color of the large eyes. This is seen in his first stage and final transformations

- Cicadas have tympana, membranous structures by which they detect sounds. They are the cicadas' equivalent of ears. Males disable their own tympana while calling, thereby preventing damage to their hearing.  The song is loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss in humans should the cicada sing just outside the listener's ear. In contrast, some small species have songs so high in pitch that the noise is inaudible to humans.

- Since the cicada emerges from the ground to sing every summer, in Japan it is seen as a symbol of reincarnation.

- cicada also have an unusual defense mechanism to protect themselves from predation, known as predator satiation: because so many emerge at once, the number of cicadas in any given area exceeds the amount predators can eat; all available predators are thus satiated, and the remaining cicadas can breed in peace.  I tried to reflect this in Hersch's "cult" concept. 

- Killer Moth, another of Tabu's minions, as well as an Insect Totem, looks up to Cicada, but he does not show him the same interest or respect  that he does towards Firefly.  Hersch thinks he is incompetent and an embarrassment as an Insect Totem.  This(among other things) causes tension between Firefly and Killer Moth.

- Cicada's signature weapons are knives, a nod to the mainstream version.

MangaDCU: Tsukumogami- Human Bomb by Nightshade475
MangaDCU: Tsukumogami- Human Bomb

Returning to the artifact spirits!

left to right:
Use Form, Artifact, Fuse Form.

Bomb is a “tsukumogami” , or ‘artifact spirit’ now housed in the body of  U.S. Army veteran, Andrew Lincoln "Link" Taylor.  Prior to that, the bomb was a World War II artifact on display in a Japanese museum, where a civil war between weapon tsukumogami and non-weapon tsukumogami had been secretly raging for years...but only when people weren’t around (a la "Night at the Museum"). The Key, who was the leader of the hostile Non-weapon artifacts tried to force the "awakening" of a weapon spirit that was not yet old enough to be a tsukumogami, to sway to his side and tip the balance of power in his favor over the Weapon artifacts.  During the battle to free museaum patrons who were taken hostage, Key activated the undetonated bomb, destroying the museum. The tsukumogagami, Katana’s blade was shattered by the impact, and the shards killed the 12 nearby humans (trapped, and held hostage in the museum by Key), trapping their souls in the shards. The damaged and dying tsukumogami transferred their spirits into the recently emptied bodies of the 12 humans, whose spirits now inhabited the Soultaker Katana Sword.


  Artifact:   The Human Bomb, like all of the artifact holders, has two forms; Use and Fuse. The use form allows them control over their artifact.  for example; The Human Bomb carries his artifact around with him and can detonate it by slamming it into solid objects or depressing the impact fuse.  His human form can withstand the resulting explosion, and the artifact reconstitutes after detonation. He can also generate blasts of concussive force through impact with his hands. The greater the impact, the stronger the resulting force wave.  His fuse form is when he actually bonds with the artifact and takes on an appearance closer to his various comic looks.  When in Fuse form, the concussive force becomes explossive force generated by his impact strikes, the level of which is increased exponentially.  He does, however, maintian more control over his explosions. He can trigger his own detonation as well, and reconstitute afterwards. Any injury sustained prior to detonation, even in Use form, will be corrected with the resulting reconstitution.


- Bomb is emotionally unstable due to his forced awakening and the fact that he never got the chance to adjust fully in his original form.  if his emotional state gets aggravated to a certain degree, he spontaneously detonates. This contributes to his being a loner.

- Bomb (and all other artifact holders) grows weak and sickly if he is too far away from his artifact.

- The known Non-Weapon Tsukumogami are: Key, Monocle, Leather, Crowbar, Dollman, Dollgirl

- The known Weapon Tsukumogami are:  Katana, Human Bomb, Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Javelin

- Combined all of the incarnations of the character; Roy Lincoln, Andy Franklin, and Michael Taylor. 

- For his Fuse form I merged the costumes of the different incarnations of the Human Bomb with anime character; Rock Bison from Tiger and Bunny.

- Based his Use form on anime character Colonello and added the giant scroll strap that Sage Mode Naruto uses, for him to carry his artifact...which is usually wrapped in bandages to attempt to avoid mass panic when he's in public.  Sometimes he carries it in a military duffel bag.

- Human Bomb is still sought after by both Key and Katana to join their respective sides of the war that still continues.

- In combining the names for this version, I chose to use the ones that would have him named after three U.S. presidents; Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Zachary Taylor.  This would attest to his family's (and his) patriotism prior to being dissolusioned with military service, even though that was all he knew.

- Linc was a demolitions expert in the Army.

- Bomb is an AN-M64 General Purpose warhead.

MangaDCU: Beast Boy's Animatrix Beasts 2 by Nightshade475
MangaDCU: Beast Boy's Animatrix Beasts 2


Beast Boy's Beasts


I wanted to show the next evolutionary level (or evolevel) of Teen Titan, Beast Boy's Animatrix generated beasts.  When I came up with the concept of MangaDCU Beast Boy, I decided to merge the anime archetype of Ash Ketchum with Benjamin "Ben-10" Tennyson.  For some reason, I chose to include the International team of X-Men in the mix when coming up with the animals created by the Animatrix device, which was adapted from Ben's Omnitrix.  The Beasts also share traits with anime, Digimon, as the evolutionary states are transitory, and not permanent. 


left to right:

top- Moleossus, Sabreclaw, Snapdrake, Windrunner

bottom- Screamy McYellYells, CyBoa, Thunderbear, HotDog

Evolevel 1:…


Moleossus: (Dugtunnel + Colossus)

Evolution: Molem/---/Armordrillmole


- merged the terms "mole" with "colossus".  The original introductory, "All-New X-Men costume is what I had in mind when developing this form. Strength and durability increases dramatically.  Used Deviantartist, JoshuaDunlop's original pokemon, Dugutunnel (… )


Sabreclaw: (Pikachu + Wolverine)

Evolution: Razorclaw/---/Lazerclaw


- this version has claws that resemble Wolverine's more.  I added in Logan's rival, Sabretooth to the mix as well.  This was actually the first of Kemo's beasts that I designed.  I guess I chose the most popular from each franchise. 


Snapdrake: (Charmeleon + Nightcrawler)

Evolution: Koolsnap/---/Snapdragon


- "Drake" is the name of a smaller species of dragon.  I decided the functionality of the "snap" in the name would be how its power manifests.  as Snapdrake, the power manifests very much like Nightcrawlers teleport(bamf cloud included). 



Windrunner: (Rapidash + Storm)

Evolution: Windwalker/---/Windrider


-Following Ponyta's pokemon evolution, Windrunner has increased in size and grown a unicorn-type horn.  The horn acts like a lightning rod and gives the beast the ability to summon lightning.  This is in conjunction to it already having wind powers.


Screamy McYellYells: (Skiddo + Banshee)

Evolution: Wail O th' Whisper/---/BaaBaa Bansheep


- Still retains Sean Cassidy's (Banshee) glider wings, and sonic scream abilities.


Cyboa: (Arbok + Cyclops)

Evolution: Cyper/---/Androiconda


- Followed Ekans evolution into Arbok and mixed Cyclops and Boa Constrictor with the concept of cyborg; similar to Scott's son, Cable.  Also added extra weaponry as a nod to Nathan Summers as well.  Beast retains Scott Summers' eye laser.  power level increased from previous evolutionary state. 


Thunderbear: (Ursaring + Thunderbird/Warpath)

Evolution: Warcub/---/Kodiaxe


- Mixed James "Thunderbird" Proudstar with a bear. Followed the pokevolution of Teddiursa (whom Warcub was based on) to Ursaring.  decided on incuding Warpath's signiture knives with this form. Chose to use a bear to merge with Proudstar to connect to the old Spiderman and his Amazing Friends episode where he "called upon the spirit of the Great Grizzly"...a power the character never showed...ever! Even Iceman made a comment about not knowing he was capable of that.


HotDog: ( Arcanine + Sunfire)

Evolution: Sparkpup/---/Lupinferno


- since this form can generate massive amounts of heat and is a canine, I decided to go with the name HotDog. Inspired by Uchiha Clan's Amaterasu Black Flames to adorn this upgraded form.  Physical contact to cause combustion, like previous form, isnt neccesary.



Jamar Grant
United States
Do, or do not....there is no try!

Current Residence: Planet Earth
Favourite genre of music: Too many to pick
MP3 player of choice: The one i can afford
Shell of choice: Michelangelo's
Skin of choice: My Wife's!
Favourite cartoon character: Goliath, Clan Leader of Manhattan's Gargoyle Clan
  • Mood: Hungry
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  • Drinking: Agua

Just wanted to post my finalized list of the Legion of Super Soldiers squads and their corresponding armored battle suits.  I knew it was gonna be a while before I could post pics for each of them, so I chose to just do it this way, for now. 

Prime Squad: Initial Legion of Super Soldiers Tactical Infantry Unit

Cosmic Boy- Magnetar Defender

Lightning Lad- Thunder Chaser

Saturn Girl- Synapse Flare

Ultra Boy- Tiamat

B.R.A.I.N.I.A.C.-5- Skirmisher

Alpha Squad: legacy Unit crafted to mimic the Original Justice League

Valor- Praetor Supreme

 Neon- Viridian Iridescent 

Thunder- Cloud Breaker/Heaven's Sunder

Xs- Velocity-9

Night Girl- Gladiatrix Crusader


Divinity Squad: intel/interrogation unit

Light Lass- Graviton Flux/Gossamer 

Ghost Girl- Cadaver Cross

Sun Boy- Corona Crush

Timberwolf- Piercing Fang

Element Lad- Materia Primus


Hit Squad: Unit comprised of close range combatants

Colossal Boy- Leviathan 

Andromeda- Starfall

Ferro Lad- Metallica Ultima

Karate Kid- Zen Striker

Bouncing Boy- Gatling Globe


Extraction Squad: Unit tasked with retrieval of high priority targets

Chameleon boy- Chimaera

Shadow lass- Umbra Transcendent

Shrinking Violet- Nano Virus

Gates- Portal Runner

Invisible Kid- Clandestine Disruptor


Heavy Power Squad: Long Range destruction unit

Triplicate girl- Trimorphic Guardian

Star boy- Pulsar Emitter

Quantum kid- Particle Rush

Kinetix- Psion Strafe

Wildfire- NRG


Recon Squad: Advance unit tasked to explore deep into enemy territory(space)

Tyroc- Warp Wave

Dawnstar- Navigator Defiant/Wayseeker

Blok- Monolith

Sensor- Data Stream

Shikari- Pathfinder 


Skirmish Squad: Advance ground unit used to antagonize and confuse the enemy 

Computo- Mainframe/Motherboard 

Dragonmage- Wyvern

Catspaw- Nekomata

Matter Eater Lad- Gorge/Devourer

Nemesis Kid- Counterstrike


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