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MangaDCU: Friend or Foe 4 by Nightshade475
MangaDCU: Friend or Foe 4

I wanted to update some of the images of established characters with ties to each of the MJLA members.

 left to right: Deadshot, Circe, Black Lightning, Weather Wizard, Supergirl, Terra, and Elongated Man.



Deadshot:  Shiraga Hōritsu(Floyd Lawton); design inspired by Dosu Kinuta of Naruto and The Punisher in War Zone

Freelance shinobi assassin; Master marskman with almost any throwing or long range weapon


Being born into a shinobi family isolated from any clan, Shiraga's father thought the best way to prepare his sons to survive was to teach them how truly cruel and harsh the world could be by forcing them to experience hardship every day of their lives, until they could prove they were strong.  Tiring of years of abuse at his father's hand, Shiraga sought to end it by utilizing the skills his father had taught him.  He lay in waiting in a tree with a blowgun armed with a poison dart.  just as he saw his opening, the branch gave way throwing off his shot.  Unknown to him, his older brother had the same idea, and had a more personal approach to patricide.  Shiraga's poison dart found its mark in him, killing him instantly.  Horrified, Shiraga ran away.  He continued to train harder than ever until he became a master marksman, quite unlike any other.  He amased quite a few kills, along with a reputation within the League of Shadows.  He even came across the Shadow of the Bat, who could only prevent him from pursuing his target by stopping the delivery of payment from the contracter.  After being recruited by the enigmatic Mockingbird, to assisinate The Demon's Head sitting on the throne of the floating castle, Deadshot along with five other deadly assasins were endebted to the real Onishusoku for sparing their lives after attempting to take his.  This new Secret Six had to perform, six clandestine personal operations for their former target.   once complete, all would be forgotten.  After surving the Secret Six missions, Deadshot left Hitosherenu hoping for a change of pace.  This did not last long at all, as he was recruited into Task Force X...The Suicide Squad!

- Deadshot prides himself on being a professional; as long as he's been paid to kill someone, he will always carry it out, without exceptions.

- The origin for the name Floyd is Welsh for, "grey-haired"; Shiraga is the Japanese word for the same thing.

- as there are no handguns permitted in Hitoshirenu, to replace the sniper rifle associated with the character, I opted for a blowgun.  He also utilizes, boomerangs, kunai, daggers, shuriken, slingshots, and a crossbow to take out his marks.

- This Deadshot has just as much a deathwish as the dc comics version.

- Deadshot's Secret Six teammates are: Catman, Ragdoll, Cheshire, Parademon, and Scandal Savage.

- Deadshot's Suicide Squad teammates are: Bronze Tiger, Mindboggler, Plastique, Deadline, and Flagg.



Circe: design inspired by Queen Beryl and Queen Nehlenia of Sailor Moon and DCUniverse online

Conjurer; Member of Amazonian Wonder Guard of Kichijoten


Taken as a concubine to the god of evil, Mikaboshi, the Witchqueen's life was thrown into chaos when her master was slain by the Queen and the Honor Guard of Wondrous Women of what would become the Amazon Nation of The Isle of Onogoroshima.  For years she plotted on how to gain access to the island to have her revenge.  Eventually she engineered  a situation where she would encounter a Seed Raiding party (amazons travelling to the mainland with the intention of getting inseminated to continue the birthline of Amazons), and gain not only entrance to the island, but the nation itself.  After living as an amazon, she plotted against the Queen's house and attempted to steal a collection of mystical artifacts.  Her plans were thwarted by the current honor guard (descendants of the originals) and the queen's own daughter, Princess Megami.  While engaging in battle on The Isle of Awagishima (the sister island of Onogoroshima), a backlash of mystical energies would catapult all of them through the portal to "man's world",  scattering the artifacts and taking their memories of thier homeland with them.  The girls of the Wonderguard had their memories restored to them by their princess, one by one and dealt with threats that Circe placed in their paths while also masquerading as the headmaster of the private academy the girls all attended.  Eventually, Circe acquired all but one of the artifcats, with the last remaining on the Amazons' paradise island.  She assaulted the island and the princess, now know as Wonder Woman made a final lone stand against her, finally trapping her within an impentrable prison.  When The Wondergirls next threat, Devastation and Izanagi were defeated, Hippolytia, the Queen of the Amazons felt free to leave the island to spend time with her daughter in her new home.  It is at that point that the patron goddess of the Amazons, Kichijoten reveals that she had no intentions of ever allowing her to leave the island.  Hippolytia leaves despite this information, under the protection of her daughter and her friends, prompting the goddess to draft an All New Wonder Guard from the Amazon's present.  Wondergirls: Anastasia, Furia, Trinita, Sandiria, Concordia and Theania track down and engage their predecessors, only they are not as used to their new abilities nor working as a team.  In a last ditch move of desperation, Kichijoten offers to free Circe, if she acts on her behalf to retrieve the fugitive Wondergirls.  She agrees, and is empowered to become; Wondergirl Circia, The Conjurer.

- Circe's pose was based on an image drawn by Terry Dodson.

- Kichijoten wanted to keep Hippolytia on Onogorshima to prevent her from finding the reincarnation of their mutual love interest; Bishamon, the god of War.

- Circe's headpiece has a Maleficent vibe to it now.

- As Circia, Circe's mystical weapon is a sickle with an attached lasso.  The same as during Dodson's run on Wonder Woman.

- Circe's plan for the artifacts was to attempt to revive Mikaboshi.

- Circe has a real attachment to her human identity; Headmaster Dr. Dana Milton's foster son, Steven Trevor. 

- Awagishima, like Onogoroshima, is an island from Japanese mythology.



Black Lightning: (Jefferson Pierce); design inspired by Aang of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Lightning Elemental housed in humanoid body; former android.


After the invasion of Zandia, Batman and Black Canary opt to continue utilizing The Outsiders as a black ops team.  On one mission, things go sideways, and instead of submitting themselves to the authorities, they decide to remain Dark.  The media is involved as the Outsiders become wanted fugitives.  tips on their appearances get leaked and it is at this time that Black Lightning is approached by Anissa and Jennifer Pierce; the sisters of Jefferson Pierce.   Each imbued with some of his electrical essence, Black Thunder and White Lightning attempt to enact vengeance for the loss of their brother and father to the elemental android they had once befriended.  Black Lightning does his best to defend himself while not hurting the girls, but they seem to have a decent understanding of how to use their newfound abilities and it isn't as easy as he thought it would be.  Thunder knocks his helmet off (as he was hiding his identity to protect them) and is stunned when she sees the face of her brother, Jefferson.  The two girls stand dumbfounded as Black Lightning tries to explain what really happened that day, but they tune out what they dont want to hear, and recommence the assualt believing their brother's body to have been stolen intentionally.  It is when he decided to stop fighting back and allow them to do as they will that Anissa sees the signs of her brother within this new incarnation of Black Lightning based on a saying that Jefferson used to say.  She is too late to stop Jennifer from striking a fatal blow on the all too human young man.   Anissa rushes to Black Lightning's side prompting the now confused Jennifer to question why.  Upon telling her what she saw, Jennifer becomes grief stricken, thinking she may have inadvertantly taken their last chance at seeing their brother again.  Anissa directs Jennifer to use her lightning as a defibrilator, to try to restart his heart (the way he did for them), and it works.  With tensions finally lowered enough, the three have a discussion and decide to take some time to get reacquainted. 

- Anissa and Jennifer's costumes are going to be based off of the versions in the DCNation shorts of Black Lightning and his family.

- Although Anissa is the elder of the three Pierce siblings, "Jefferson" tends to act as a big brother to both of the girls.

- I modeled Red Tornado on Aang, The Last Airbender.  Since Red was a replacement for Black Lightning, I made their designs similar to reflect this visually.

- Anissa will have a friendship with a member of the Planetary Amazonian Wonder Guard; Gracia, The Grappler.  Their friendship will mature as they age.

-Eventually, Anissa and Grace will join a revamped version of the Outsiders, this time under the direction of Nightwing.



Weather Wizard: Makishirou Morita (Mark Mardon); design inspired by Harry Potter

Weather controling technology manipulated through use of Control Weather Wand


Heatwave (Mick Rory) broke Makishirou out of the juvinile detention center where he was being held awaiting psychiatirc evaluation.  He was the first recruit on his version of The Rogues, as the initial group had already performed a failed attempt at taking down the Scarlet Speedster, Hypersuit Pilot; Flash.  after helping him reacquire his wand and "wizard's cloak", they set about collecting The Top, and  are later joined by The Trickster.  They have just as much of a rivalry with Captain Cold and her team of Rogues; Captain Boomerang, Mirror Mistress, and Suizen Shakuhachi (Pied Piper).  Sparked by the time they came into conflict regarding which team was going to take out the Flash, when both teams cornered him at the same time.  On top of the pre-existing history between Cold and Boomer and Heatwave, the teams spent so much time quarrelling, that they gave Flash an opportunity to recover and neutralize both teams. 

- I used Mardon's signiture stripes in his scarf and tie.

- Weather Wizard sounds like a mix between a television forecaster, a Dungeons and Dragons afficianado, and a Hogwarts faculty member, when "casting his spells".

- After Flash prevented him from killing the tormentor of the girl he had feelings for, Makishirou decided it was better to leave him alive and torture him regularly until he took his own life like she had.  He still has resentment towards Flash for stopping him, even though he feels this way now.

- The confrontation between the two teams of Rogues was brought about when Cold was approached by a potential recruit in a female version of Trickster.  She told them a tale of similar woe regarding Flash and laid out a plan to capture him, which although successful, led them into direct conflict with Heatwave's team.

- I wanted to mirror Cold's team having one male member, so I utilized Heyeohkah's shaman shapshifting powers as Trickster to have him create a situation where he switches genders.

- No one but Heyeohkah knows why he brought the teams together...especially since Flash wound up coming out on top.

- With the team comprised of all male members, Heatwave has taken to referring to them as, The Brogues (Bros+Rogues).

- There will eventually be a third team of Rogues; Girder, Murmur, and Magenta, led by Blacksmith.



Supergirl: Kaori Zora-Ku (Kara Zor-El) ; design inspired by Ame-Comi  Supergirl v.1

Solar Charged super strength & durability, flight and chi control.  Intergalactic martial arts training


While getting to know her counterpart, Galatea, outside of the Glamslammers' Metabrawl arena; Kaori convinces her to see if their cousin, Kura-Ku (Superman) can assist her in locating her home universe.  Superman contacts his friend, Emil Hamilton who tasks the great minds of the students and faculty at the STAR labs project to figuring out the Phantom Zone tech and initiating an expedition.  When they get there, upon other things, they find a Kryptonian warship; recommisioned as a search and rescue vehicle, searching for their lost commander.  The ship was under the command of Faora and her second in command, Namu-Ek.  Aboard that ship was another Kryptonian...Vaal-Zod, The Sword of Rao.

- With her Kryptonian, Horo-Kanu foundation (taught to her by General Zod, during their time in the Phantom Zone), Supergirl has become an intergalactic mixed martial artist, of sorts; combining Kryptonian Raider Skirmish Skills with Granny Goodness' Female Fury training, alongside the multitude of combat battles she's engaged in and techniques she's picked up onWarworld and in the Metabrawl Arena.

- The outfit Kaori wore while in the Phantom Zone, prior to escaping with Zod, Ursa, and Non was the AmeComi v.2.

- decided to add the New 52 Earth-2 version of Superman to the mix. Still deciding what he will look like, but he'll maintain the Earth-2 colorscheme.



Terra: (Tara Markova) ; character inspired by Samurai 7

Sword of Lemuria; Mystical sword grants control over earth element through use of Earthweaving forms

Terra was traumatized by the fact that not only had she physically lost her brother, but if she ever found him, he would have no memory of who she was.  She also couldn't deal with the fact that as his last act, he chose to transfer all of the knowledge of the Earthweaving forms to her chosen apprentice, Sand rather than her.   She and Geo were raised by their father, Swordmaster Siorus after the death of their mother.  After he died in battle, Geo took up his sword and the responsibility of raising his sister (as well as ensuring her safety) by making her his apprentice.  Terra left the seas to walk the earth, trying to find her amnesiac brother, but as time went on, despair crept in.  With the only family she had left gone, Terra went into a downward spiral.  She began to dull the pain with cage fighting and inebriation.  She was found by Deathstroke, the Terminator, who saved her from getting taken advantage of by a group of derelicts while she was in a drunken stupor.  He helped her clean up her act, after she attacked him and he quickly showed her his fighting skill was superior to hers.  She grew attached to him as he filled a void in her life, and the thought of being alone again was soul crushing.  She would do anything to keep him around, and when he heard that he started to tell her of his plan involving the Teen Titans...

- Each of the Cities of Meropis had vastly different cultures.  Lemuria was one that was more tribal based, where the inhabitants were more in touch with the land.  One of the shared cultural aspects i decided would be tatoos.  I made Terra's facial tattoos resemble her mask from her mainstream look.

- As the Sword of Lemuria, Terra can manipulate earth, stone, mineral, mud, dirt, and sand.  The most skilled Earthweaving techniques involve forming and manipulating lava.

- Each Sword of Lemuria's name is a variation of the word, "Earth".

- As with any of the Swords of the Seven Seas, they are most powerful within their element.  Also, the bond with the Sword allows the user, and their chosen apprentice (who is also bonded to the weapon) to breathe air just as easily as water.

- I designed this costume to moreresemble her brother, Geo's samurai inspired robe.  instead of having one sleeve of the jacket off, she has both.  Her apprentice, Sand will mimic her style.

- I based Terra's pose on a picture of a sword weilding female drawn by Japanese artist, Shunya Yamashita.

- Terra's Teen Titans Team is composed of members: TOK gamer Herald; exiled Thriae queen, Bumblebee; and Deathstroke's son, Jericho.



Elongated Man: Ryoji Daishi (Ralph Dibney) ; design inspired by Luffy D. Monkey of One Piece

Infused with supernatural essence extracted from a Nyojizai yokai; Ability to elongate his limbs


When the Justice League decided to officially mentor the next generation of members, with the Justice League: Kohai program, they gave the young heroes a full battery of tests.  One of the doctors called in to assist was a colleague of Harinezumi Jouon (Green Lantern). After running tests on them, Dr. Daishi became extremely fascinated by the concept of the mystical artifact that had empowered the young Plastic Man; the Bakemono Hedoro.  He thought that with further study, the effects could be replicated and modulated to cure any number of degenerative diseases, one of which was currently afflicting a close family member of his.  In an effort to secretly replicate the effects of the Bakemono Hedoro, Ryoji extracted the ectoplasmic essence of a captured yokai known as a Nyojizai; characterized by its ability to elongate its limbs.  A member of the Mal-Practice, Dr. Mist had been searching for the Bakemono Hedoro; as it was he whom it was originally stolen from by Kite-Man, and subsequently sold to Goth-Ahm crimeboss, Nendo Uwabari.  Dr. Mist infiltrated the Hall of Justice, and was able to incapacitate everyone there, including Superman.  In a last ditch effort to save himself and stop Mist from killing Unagi by attempting to extract the Bakemono Hedoro from Plastic Man, Ryoji injected himself with the essence of the Nyojizai.  The serum gave him the ability to elongate his limbs, as well as increase his muscles, bones, and tendons strength and flexibility.  He engaged Dr. Mist, and surprised him when he was able to physically break through his mystical barriers.  The supernatural origin of his newfound abilites gave him a natural defense against things mystic in origin.  With the capability to neutrilize his wards, Mist attempted to flee the scene, but Ryoji stretched his arms into the portal he vanished through and yanked him back, knocking him out in the process. 

- Now going by the name, Elongated Man, Ryoji will get recruited by the stars of the reality show, "The Brave and The Bold: Blue and Gold"; Blue Beetle and Bio Booster Gold.  They will be joined on their mission by; a new Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi), and former undersea samurai Swordweilders, Fire and Ice.   

- After the completion of the mission, Elongated Man and Dr. Light will join up with a new Taskforce of Justice League heroes; Houndclan kunoichi, Crimson Fox; Metabrawl Glamslammer, Powergirl; Totem powered, Tasmanian Devil; and Elemental shaman, Maya.

- Bio Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire and Ice will be joined to form a new semi permanent team by; Animal Man and Vixen.

- Bakemono -class of yokai; direct translation: a thing that changes, referring to a state of transformation or shapeshifting

- Hedoro- chemical ooze

- At one point it was suggested that Luffy be used as the foundation for my version of Plastic Man, but it fit in so much better with the idea of an elongated man; as he stretches, as opposed to Plas' complete shapeshifting capabilities.

- the explanation for the ripped pants, is that it happened during the initial manefestation of his powers.

- i added the mystic tatts to evoke his connection to the supernatural. inspired by Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

MangaDCU: The Batclan 3 by Nightshade475
MangaDCU: The Batclan 3

The Batclan

 left to right: Batwoman, Red Robin II, Robin, Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Akifimi Takaharu.

Batwoman; Anime Inspiration: C.C. of Code Geass

Alias: Kyashii Satōkibi (Kathy Kane)

Ninja Rank: Jounin


Belonging to a secret clan that sought to affiliate itself with The Demon Bat, A-Komuriyasha, The Satōkibi Clan were devastated when it was sealed within Mt. Goth-Ahm, leaving them defenseless to the slaughter from their enemies.  The remaining survivors would go into hiding and over the years, periodically send a representative to enter the caves of the mountain and attempt to capture the Demon Bat, but would instead become his prisoners.  Those who werent deveoured, would be toyed with utnil they exipired, yet none would pass his tests, deeming themselves worthy to be its avatar.  The final two members Kyashii and her younger sister, Kakeru were preparing their whole lives to make the attempt to enter the caves, until tales spread of a survivor who finally emerged as the Shadow of The Bat, stealing that which was the honor that was supposed to belong to their clan.  The Bat was still confined to the caves, but with an avatar, it could emerge periodically for a limited time and display its destructive majesty.  After the Bat's avatar began amassing a clan, the kunoichi Kyashii realized there might still be a chance to achieve all they had trained for.  They watched the development of the fledgling Batclan and when the two genin, Nightwing and Robin were banished by thier sensei, Kakeru was sent by her older sister to track the two young shinobi, to try to acquire one of their medalions, which granted them safe passage into the Batcaves.  When Kakeru never returned, Kyashii feared the worst, especially when the two boys did.  The opportunity to attempt to acquire them herself died as Robin left Goth-Ahm with the deadly Red Hand organization and Nightwing relocated to the Bloodhaven monestary, surrounded by samurai warrior monks.  She continued to monitor the remaining members but for some reason, could never keep tabs on Batgirl, and was not strong enough to challange Batman one on one.  Finally, an opportunity arose after the Demon Hunter, Bane arrived and took on an exhausted Batman and A-Komuriyasha.  After savagely beating the former and breaking the back of the latter, the two merged in a last ditch attempt to survive.  The revived Man-Bat took his revenge on Bane until he barely escaped with his life.  The merger began to affect Batman as the demon inside him became more and more pronounced in appearance and mental state.  The Batclan reunited to stop their sensei's rampage, which came to a conclusion in the Shinobi Graveyard when the Master of the Ghost Arts, The Spectre returned to use his considerable ninjutsu to separate the Bat from the Man.  Still not completely healed from the battle with Bane, and so far from the cave he was bound to, the demon bat began to die.  Kyashii took her opportunity and approached the bat, offering herself to save its life.  With no time to see if she proved worthy, A-Komoriyasha accepted and lay dormant within her until it was fully healed to attempt to emerge once more.


- satōkibi = cane; Kakeru = bet (wager)- Bette.

- decided to make my versions of Bette and Kathy sisters rather than aunt and niece.

- once, one of the members of the satōkibi clan made it close to escaping before the demon bat stopped, and then ate him.  he was able to toss out a journal he had kept that was retrieved, and is the foundation of all of the historical facts the clan have on the Bat and the topography of some of the caves.

- Kakeru becomes the member of the Titans Raptor Squad; Flamebird.

- During the disappearance of Batman, Kyashii will make her presence known during the Battle for the Cowl, and attempt the claim of rightful leadership of the clan, based on her heritage and posession of the demon bat itself.  When the other's fail to fall in line, she begins to recruit members to start her own.  Kaitsuki will follow her lead, briefly before venturing out on her own. Suchiko Nazo (Spoiler) will join Batwoman as her Batgirl.

- After Suchiko's presumed death, Kyashii will operate solo again.  After Komori's return from his Knightquest, she reappears, but will be joined by two new potential members of her clan; Batwing and Batgirl IV. They will be based on the children of Lucious Fox; Luke and Tiffany (from Future's End).

- Once the demon Bat regains its strength, it begins to take over Kyashii's body.  After the emergence of the Kamen no Shikai (Society of Falsefied Faces), The Batclan deduce that by constructing an Onimen for her, she'll be able to control the demon raging inside her.  They go about figuring out the means of how to contsruct one, and acquiring the materials and manpower to do it.  Zatanna and/ or Zatarra will be one of the people involved in this mission.

- Batman will eventually...hesitantly invite Kyashii into the fold.



Red Robin; Anime inspiration: Konohamaru Sarutobi of Naruto

Alias: Daimyomaru Watanabe (Damien Wayne)

Ninja Rank: Jounin


Conceived during the time of Komori's infiltration of the League of Shadows as the shinobi initiate, The Dark.  The Dark was sent on a mission and quickly encountered a stunning kunoichi that went by the name , Tsuyomi.  A longtime operative of the League, she was both appalled and intrigued by the mysterious ninja's nobility.  During the course of their mission they became close and shared a night together.   It wasn't until sometime after the completion of that same mission that he discovered that she was in fact the daughter of Onishusoku, The Demon's Head;  Leader of the League of Shadows.  Upon discovering that she as with child, she went off the grid to protect the identity of her child.  After his birth, she trained him as she was trained, and his grandfather escalated that training by teaching the boy, himself.  As the legend of The Batman grew, Tsuyomi told her son tales of the great shinobi that was his father and the important work he was doing which kept him away from them.  When Batman became possessed by A-komouriyasha, The Demon Bat of Mt. Goth-Ahm, and proceeded to go on a rampage, a coup attempt is made to oust Onishusoku.  Fearing for her son's life, Tsuyomi sends Daimyomaru to his father to complete his training and ensure his protection until the time comes when he can take his grandfather's seat as head of the League. 


- Red Robin is the name the original Robin, Tomi Komodori went by as a member of the Red Hand.  As that version of his name had a lot of blood attached to it, he decided to abandon it for his first code name of Robin when he returns to The Batclan.  Daimyomaru sees it as one more suited to himself since his father will not allow him to don the mantle of the Bat until he has "earned" it.

- Red Robin's costume is influenced by his gear as a member of the League.

- His weapon is a 3/4 staff that can convert to two separate shorter "escrima" style staves that have extendable blades, making them swords.  They can also reattach to become a double ended bladed staff.

- Daimyomaru has been trained by the best warriors since his birth.  He has earned his rank of Jounin, and even at his young age and stature is more deadly than any Batclan member was at his age.  He delights in holding it over the head of Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl that he has a higher rank within the Shinobi Order than they do, although within the clan, they are his seniors.

- Daimyomaru has deep levels of resentment towards his father and his pupils for the paternal neglect he's felt all of his life.  At the same time, he reveres his father and wants nothing more than to prove himself to him.

- Tsuyomi's surname is Oni no Ko, which translates as "Child of the Demon".




Robin; Anime Inspiration: Naruto Uzumaki of Naruto

Alias: Tomi Komodori (Tim Drake)

Ninja Rank: Genin (Chuunin/Jounin Level)


Before he was born, Tomi's parents were modest villagers living in Goth-Ahm prefecture.  His mother died due to complications associated with childbirth. Hoping to find a means of improving their living conditions, Tomi's father Kosuimono began to hustle on the streets for the yakuza.  In the midst of  engaging in his criminal enterprises, he became addicted to opium.  the narcotic exacerbated his feelings regarding his son's responsibility for his wife's death, and even though he loved his son, he spent as little time with him as he could.  the geisha and oiran felt bad for the boy, and would care for Tomi while his father was away working his angles.  he would be gone days, weeks, sometimes months at a time working on a score.  as he got older, Tomi was not allowed in the houses so he spent the his time running the streets.  he grew up friends with the orphan lost children, some of whom did not appreciate his presence as although he was poor, he was not homeless, and even though his father was a derelict...he was not an orphan.  He learned how to fight specifically due to those who felt that way and tried to keep him from hanging around.  One boy in particular got beat on just as much if not more by the older kids than he did. The two plotted to get their assailants back and came up with a plan the humiliated the bullies to the point that neither was harassed again. They weren't exactly friends, but they did look out for one another on the streets.  On one score in particular, Kosuimono decided it was worth the risk to steal from his employer who happened to be the tattooed geisha crimbeoss, Two-Face.  He planned to take his ill gotten- ill gotten gains and skip town, but was caught by Two-Face's men and dispatched.  Except they had no  idea where he stashed the loot.  They went to toss the hovel he lived in and came across Tomi.  Assuming he knew where the stash was, they attempted to take him  in, but he escaped.  He attempted to garner some help from the police, but seeing who he was, dismissed him.  Eventually Two-Face's men caught up with him, but this time he had no escape route.  his capture was prevented by the intervention of The Batman.  He explained the situation, and asked Batman if he could help him get vengeacne, to which he replied no.  When he left, Tomi tailed him and watched as Batman was ambushed by Two-Face's operatives.  Two-Face confronted Batman before giving the order to execute him, which Tomi interrupted, albeit clumsily.  Giving Batman the opportunity to free himself, the two fought off the criminals back to back.  Two face fled the scene, but the rest of her goons were taken into custody and her shipment was confiscated.  Tomi asked if Batman would take him on as a student, and  as he had such a bad time with his experience with Redwing, he again told the boy no.  He began training himself to prove he was worthy to be a ninja trainee, learning how to utilize some of the ninja tools batman had used to take out the bad guys.  Eventually word on the street got around that some low level clan less ninja planned to run a heist on a noble's gala.  He figured this was the perfect opportunity to showcase his skills and showed up just in time to help save the noble, Komori Watanabe and his guests.  There were two other ninja there that had the same idea as he did, and in attempts to show their superiority over the others, blundered the whole rescue allowing the would be robbers to get away.


- "kosui mono" is a Japanese phrase that means "a cunning fellow" and is accepted as a translation for the term, "Shifty".  I chose this as his name to reference Tim's dad on BtAS who was known as Shifty Drake.

- although he knows that Two-Face didn't directly order the death of his father, he still has a special enmity towards her and holds her responsible.   Specifically to get to her, he calls her, "Puke-Face" to agitate her.

- prior to the timeskip, Robin will encounter a young girl with amnesia who is alone on the streets and on the run from who she believes could be her abusive father...this will bring him into contact with crimelord, Nendo Uwabari aka Clayface.

- Tomi's "friend" growing up will turn out to be Copperhead of the criminal organization, Snakepit and a member of a cell of Terror Titans.

- After the timeskip, Robin has become just as proficient with the Escrima as he was with the bo staff.  He goes back and forth between the weapons

- while among the Red Hand, Robin wore a black hooded cloak with a yellow lining.  he still has it.  This represents his signature cape.

- The five members of the Red Hand were paired off, with the leader (Red Claw) either travelling alone, with one of the other teams, or the entire group. Robin's partner was Red X.




Batman; Anime Inspiration: Kakashi Hatake of Naruto

Alias: Komori Watanabe (Bruce Wayne)

Ninja Rank: Clan Leader, Jounin


After his trials in the future known as the Knightquest, where he shows the Batman of Beyond his time the true meaning and power of having a clan.  In teaching his future successor the valuable lesson, he too learns the lesson himself and sees how he failed by pushing his own clan away and tried to do everything on his own.  Upon realizing this, The Spectre appears to him and acknowledging his growth, tells him how to make his way back to his own time.  He makes his way to the Zorigami Corporation tower, where Hourman has just merged with the Myriad Year Clock and flees to the past to escape his own family, the Epoch Clan.  Batman sneaks through the rift created and winds up just in time to save his clan, which has begun to unravel with his departure.  His arrival ends the Battle for the Cowl.  But after sharing his adventure with his clan, he marvels at the growth his initial students have made.  As a sign of his pride, he updates his outfit with gear inspired by each of their growth.  He dons a new cowl, taken from the material Tomi wore as batman, adds the samurai hip armor and breastplate that Daisuke wore, and incorporates Kaitsuki's gadgets and Utility Pouches for his belt.  With his new outlook on life and his new look; both symbolizing his embracing of his clan, The Batclan protects the citizens of Hitoshirenu, stronger than ever.


- I felt it was time to update the look of The Batman, and made it more in line with a Dark Knight bat in the center of his chest, as opposed to just his medallion, which is obviously inspired by his older era bat insignia.

- After Knightfall, Batman was separated from A-Komouriyasha, but the demon bat mysteriously disappeared afterwards. His return to question the Spectre about its whereabouts is what prompts him to hurl Komori through time. During the Knightquest, he will learn that his successor, Teruhi Miyagawa (Terry McGuinness) has become the host of the demon bat.

- Batman still has residual energy dormant inside him from the time where he merged with the Demon Bat to survive the confrontation with Bane.  After becoming aware of the Kamen no Shikai, he will go about crafting an Onimen of his own that will allow him to tap into the demon bat abilities inside him. 

- Another person from the future hitched a ride through the time portal that Hourman opened up to the past... The Jokerz gang member that refers to herself as Joker's Daughter. Her design will be based on the Ame Comi version.

- The Batclan Beyond will consist of: Batman Beyond, Robin (amecomi/Carrie Kelly), Batigrl (amecomi/Cassie Cain/Hush), and Catwoman (ame comi); and new characters: Red Robin III, Night Robin, Batboy, and Red Hoodie (Alternate identity designs for Damien Wayne prior to him becoming Robin by artist Peter Nguyen). They will have an elder Komori Watanabe in a support role similar to the animated series.



Nightwing; Anime Inspiration: Sasuke Uchiha of Naruto

Alias: Daisuke Kagehane (Dick Greyson)

Ninja Rank: Genin (Chuunin/Jounin  Level)


Daisuke Kagehane, the last survivor of the ShadowWing Clan Massacre became a ward of the League of Shadows after the loss of his family.  As a Noble, he had to voluntarily conscript himself into service in order for the League to have full control of his actions.  This could only be given once he reached the age of consent.  When he discovered the exploits of the Batman, he investigated his actions and background and found out that his older brother had briefly trained under him.  Seeing that he was bringing something different to the Order that represented what his clan stood for, he sought him out to complete his training.  Initially, he was told no, as Batman felt like he had already failed at being a sensei.  When Daisuke returned, this time flanked by Tomi and Kaitsuki, he convinced Batman that the best way to honor his fallen brother's memory would be to continue and complete the training he promised his brother with him.   At the same time, The assassin known as Deathstroke; The Terminator had been watching the young Kagehane survivor over the last few years.  The Kagehane clan were master Kenjutsu practitioners, similar to his own Clan.  He sought a pupil to pass his own techniques down to as his own children had been taken away from him.  He propositioned Onishusoku for the right to take him as an apprentice, but was told that the boy already took to following the Batman.  As he still had the right to have a say in who the boy would train with, he allowed the two potential sensei to combat for the right to claim the pupil.  After the conclusion of which, he returned as a full-fledged member of the Batclan.  Throughout his training, he struggled with his anger with his past and was in constant conflict with fellow teammate Robin.  In an attempt to get the two to get closer, Batman banished them both until they could learn what it truly meant to work together.  During this time, the two helped form the Teen Titans and helped save the world from an alien invasion and a demon apocalypse.  Learning not only how to be part of a team, but to lead one as well, the two headed back home only to find their Master and teammate missing.  They split up to find them, and Daisuke discovered that  the shinobi he had thought was guilty of slaying his family was not The Joker as he'd been led to believe, but his own brother, Jotaro Kagaehane, The Batman's first apprentice, Redwing.  Now going by the name The Red Hood, Jotaro told his brother that Nightwing was going to take his place in the organization that he had been involved in since the Kagaehane Clan massacre; The Red Hand.  Nightwing managed to free Batman, and the two held their ground against Red Hood until Robin Showed up with the recently rescued Batgirl.  When the Red Hand arrived, the Batclan were in no shape to take them on and survive.  Robin volunteered to take Nightwing's place in the organization, releasing Jotaro from his contract.  Before he left, Robin traded his staff for Nightwing's sleeve staves, with the promise to keep them safe until he returned.  After Robin's departure, Nightwing struggled with his rage again and became disillusioned by the entire order of the shinobi.  It was Batman's Justice League partner, Superman that suggested that Nightwing might find something in the Way of the Samurai to help him find his center,  as his master had found in the Way of the Ninja.  That night, he spoke with Takaharu, who agreed to take him to train at the Bloodhaven  Monastery, with the samurai monks that Akifimi himself had trained with during the Samurai/Shinobi War.  Nightwing returned to Goth-Ahm Prefecture just as Batman lost control  to the Demon Bat possessing him. 


- Nightwing has become just as proficient with the bo staff as he was with the Escrima.  He goes back and forth between the weapons

- This version of Daisuke's outfit is a combination of Sasuke's first Shippuden outfit and Dick Greyson's first Nightwing outfit.

- Daisuke's decision to train at Bloodhaven is  reminiscent of Naruto's time training exclusively with Jiraiya during the time between parts one and two.  This is mirrored by Robin agreeing to go with the criminal Red Hand (which is based on The Akatsuki) for the greater good, similar to Sasuke's departure to train under Orochimaru.

- Nightwing returns to Goth-Ahm with much improved impulse control and inner serenity.

- Although he was trained how to use a sword at Bloodhaven, he chooses not to use edged blades, but is still capable of executing kenjutsu techniques the monks taught him as well as the Kagehane techniques.



Batgirl; Anime Inspiration: Karin Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno of Naruto

Alias: Kaitsuiki Gaikoku (Barbara Gordon)

Ninja Rank: Chuunin


Born the daughter of the Captain of the Emperor's Royal Guard,  Taichou Jin Gaikoku;  Kaitsuki wanted nothing more than to be just like her father.  However, he did not approve of her desire to follow in his footsteps, as women were not allowed to become samurai .  Instead, he encouraged her to find a different path to pursue, however, it was forbidden to even utter Kaitsuki's secret fascination...the world of the Shinobi.  Her father attempted to  keep her sheltered from the confrontations he and his samurai guardsmen had with rogue shinobi and yakuza thugs, and instead pushed her to keep up with her studies, dancing, and gymnastics.   In an attempt to get an assassin close to the emperor, a contingent of ninja kidnapped Kaitsuki in an attempt to control Jin.  He knew he couldn't reveal the kidnapping to a ranking official or anyone on the guard, as the solution would be to have Jin commit seppuku (honorable ritual suicide)to eliminate the threat to the emperor and abandon his daughter to the kidnappers.  With no one to turn to, Jin was approached by the Batman who had taken out the ninja that were tasked to observe the captain complete his mission, and guaranteed that he'd find his daughter in time if he stalled as long as possible while making it seem like he was complying.  Kaitsuki, in her own resourcefulness was able to briefly escape her captors and came into contact with members of the guard under her father's command, who promptly turned her over to those she was fleeing...!  Batman was able to rescue her in time, and get her within eyesight of Gaikoku, so that he could take the shinobi that were there to complete the mission in the event of his failure, into custody.  Realizing that there was corruption within his own guard, he came to accept Batman as an ally as he sought a way to clean up the rank and file.  Kaitsuki's adventure showed her that although the guard was created to protect the emperor and his interests, there needed to be an establishment that was concerned with justice and protection of the innocent common citizens of Goth-Ahm.  Knowing what she now knew about the Royal Guard, she sought to convince Batman that he was the right man to make this dream happen.


- Jin Gaikoku = Jim Gordon; wanted to give him a position that more resembled commissioner

-After another attempt on the emperors life from within his own court, the emperor, Jin, and Batgirl hide amongst the populace of the commoners  while Batman, Robin and Nightwing seek out the culprits behind it.  It is here when the emperor sees the need to create an organization whose purpose is to protect and serve the citizens of Goth-Ahm. The corruption cleansed Royal Guard become more of a secret service contingent.  The Emperor establishes the Machikata and names Jin, Machi Bugyō of Goth-Ahm Prefecture.

- The machi bugyō was a position in feudal Japan, who oversaw the police and fire departments. The police, or machikata, included the high-ranking yoriki and the dōshin below them; both were samurai.  They also have full-time patrolmen; okappiki and shitappiki, who were commoners.  The police lived in barracks. They manned ban'ya, the watch-houses, throughout the prefecture. The jitte was the symbol of the police, from yoriki to shitappiki.
- Historically, okappiki and shitappiki were commoners. these people were irregulars, called to service within the machikata only when necessary.

-Shutaru Koyama, The Daimyo of Goth-Ahm = Mayor Henry Hill

- Dōshin, Habiki Burakumin = Sgt. Harvey Bullock,  Okappiki, Raina Morioka = Officer Rene Montoya

- Reina was a commoner who assisted Jin and Habiki during The Knightfall, where the demon bat possessed Komori, rampaged through Goth-Ahm prefecture.  She was rewarded by allowing her to enlist in the Machikata as a patrolwoman.
-Batgirl's costume is based on Karin's look from the Wii game Naruto: Ryujinki, combined with the Yvonne Craig colorscheme from her previous outfit. Sakura's Shippuden outfit was too basic to warrant use as a foundation for a new look.

- Yousai no Kuromon = Blackgate Stronghold; is the prison near Goth-Ahm where the deadliest Shinobi criminals are incarcerated for their crimes.  Noted for its practices in solitary confinement.

- Yousai no Ishimon = Stonegate Stronghold; is the prison in Hitoshirenu where the deadliest Samurai criminals are incarcerated for their crimes.  Noted for its practices in extremely hard physical labor.

Takaharu Akifimi (Alfred Pennyworth); Anime Inspiration:

Samurai Rank: Hatamoto


Akifimi was born during the Shinobi/Samurai War, into the modest Takaharu family, but like all of his brothers before him, he knew he was destined to follow them in becoming a samurai to help support and honor his family.  He was raised to honor and respect the code of bushido and trained to believe that service to the emperor was the epitome of following the code.  Instead, he was trained at the reclusive Bloodhaven Monestary, when his entire family became casualties of the war. Bloodhaven was a location set up to redirect wayward samurai that had become too consumed with bloodlust and the other atrocities of war, and teach them to channel their dark urges into honing their swordcraft.  The result, however would be that the monks separated themselves from conflicts.  When Akifimi was the age of sixteen, the emperor was assassinated; with the blame going to the Shinobi, Hound Clan.  The emperor's son was placed under the protection of the Warrior Witch order known as the Majo Onna-bugeisha, while the regent (or Sesshō )plotted revenge.  A plot to erradicate the accused Hound Clan of shinobi was executed with dire casualties.  Although the clan was nearly wiped out of existance, the samurai army was severly depleted in the process.  With the new young emperor's blessing, the Sesshō ordered the commission of all trained samurai into active military service.  With the threat of the Samurai/Shinobi truce ending, Akifimi left the monestary to join the Samurai Army.  Takaharu took the skills he learned and joined the military, against his senior monk's protests.   After he joined the Emperor's samurai army he quickly rose up the ranks.  A skilled swordsman, his rise was marveled at, as he was not from a famous samurai clan nor did he train at the academy set up by the emperor.   By the age of 20, the young samurai had never come face to face with the Yottsukonin shinobi master, Yoru- Sensei, but like any samurai, Akifimi had heard of Yoru's legendary skills.  Akifimi was with a contingent that was tasked to occupy a small shinobi village that was on the fringe of a conflict.  They took the location, unaware that it housed the now retired ninja master.  One of the older soldiers, who happened to be Akifimi's commander, recognized the ninja master from the war. He ordred his immediate surrender, as he had killed the samurai's unit and commanding officer.  Yoru reminded the soldier that not only had the war ended, but he remembered sparring the young samurai's life that day as the fear of dying led him to soil himself.  With the truth out, the soldier became enraged, and Yoru could tell that he was not concerned with anything other than vengeance.   Not wanting to jeopardize anyone else he was preparing to turn himself over, when his young companion charged at the samurai, who cut him down.  The villagers lashed out and the samurai began to dispatch them as well, despite Akifimi's protests. Yoru  lost his composure. Unarmed, he took out quite a few of the samurai warriors before Akifimi engaged him, in defense of one of his fellows.  Although he was twenty years his junior, Akifimi was not his equal as a warrior, but he was cunning enough to survive the confrontation with him, until the samurai responsible for the atrocity that incited Yoru's wrath, took a woman hostage.  He surrendered, and the samurai put him in chains.  The inciter planned to bring in Yoru-sensei and say that he was responsible for the deaths of the multiple samurai soldiers, unprovoked.  Takaharu knew that this was wrong, and at night he freed Yoru and the woman he surrendered for, and helped them escape the perimeter they had established.  The next morning, when their superiors arrived, they took them to where Yoru sensei was being held, only to find him not there.  When the Shogun demanded to know where the prisoner was, Takaharu acted as if he had no idea what he was talking about, as their fellow soldiers were killed by the bandits theat they were sent to persue.  Takaharu took them to a barn where the bandits dead bodies were, making it look like his commander was lying.  The only other body was that of the young boy, who Akifimi revealed, was unjustly killed by his commander.  When the superior asked the rest of the unit if this was true, they all silently nodded.  Feeling set up, he lashed out at Takaharu, and the two had a qucik exchange of swordplay before the commander was dropped by Takaharu's steel.  The shogun approached Takaharu and said, he wasn't sure what had truly happened there, but in his gut he felt that Akifimi had done something dishonorable.  For placing the life of a "samurai slaying ninja" above those of his compatriots, he ordered the surrounding soldiers to now refer to him as Wadokaichin.  Although he couldn't prove it, he could enact a small measure of retribution.  For killing a superior officer (even in self defense)Takaharu was allowed to live, but stripped of his military rank, and was forbiden to use a katana again.  After being discharged from the military, Takaharu relocated to Goth-Ahm prefecture and set up a dojo at the base of the mountain that he used to train nobles in the art of the sword.  his endeavor was  prosperous, until soldiers that recognized him, started spreading gossip about his discharge, drying up his client base.  With no clients or income, his dojo fell into disrepair.  He began to live off the land, until one day he saw the body of a young boy wash up on the shore as he went fishing...   


- Hatamoto: higher ranked samurai than a kenin.

- Wadokaichin- feudal Japanese coin; Wado = Japanese copper, kaichin= currency; Kaichi= worth; Pennyworth.  By equating him with a monetary amount that is the equivalent of a penny, the military samurai use this term to refer to Takaharu, as a way of calling him worthless.

- In Japan, Sesshō (摂政?) was a title given to a regent who was named to assist either a child emperor before his coming of age, or an empress. The Kampaku (関白?) was theoretically a sort of chief advisor for the emperor, but was the title of both first secretary and regent who assists an adult emperor.

- I designed Akifimi to look like an armorless samurai, I added the black tunic to resemble the tuxedo jacket that is associated with Alfred. 

- Older samurai were allowed to retire from active service and charge a hefty fee for their instructional services.  They were considered tutors, and their clients were not considered full fledged samurai; so they would remain safe from being drafted, but get to boast at having the "skills" of a samurai...paltry as they may be.

- To get away from the traditional manservant/attendee aspect of alfred's character, but still have him in his employ,  i decided to make it that he was retained as a personal trainer in Kenjutsu; this was a testament to Komori's affluence, as only the wealthy could afford to be personally trained by a true samurai. At the same time, it would lend credence to the perception that Komori was not really that "savvy" by hiring a disgraced samurai.

- I wanted him to be a samurai, but decided using a training sword would allow him to employ his skills, while not invoke Komori's trauma at seeing his parents killed by swords.

- The original artist, effektdmentality came up with the name Takaharu for alfred.  I didnt think it needed changing at the time so kept it.  Later on, i dedcided to attempt to give him a name closer to the original's and made Takaharu his surname. 

- Used the traditional samurai hairstyle to emulate Alfred's MPB (male pattern baldness).

- I also wanted him to have skills not unlike the mainstream version's special forces training.

- When Akifimi helped Yoru escape, they were confronted by the bandits, and the to fought together to take them out.  On his way back, takaharu brought the bodies with him to carry out his plan.

- Yoru-Sensei agrees to train Komori to return the favor of helping him escape.

- When Takaharu returns to the dojo of Yoru-Sensei years later to call in his favor, the scene plays out like the one in Kill Bill when Bill drops of Beatrix to train with Pai Mei.

- the woman that escaped with Yoru was the grandmother of who will be Yoru-sensei's final pupil; Kairi Tanaga.

MDCU: Totems- Penguin by Nightshade475
MDCU: Totems- Penguin


Penguin: Maruishinabe Ozawa

Bird Totem; Penguin

Kingdom of Aviazir, Realm of Animus

Occupation: Organized Crime Boss

Affiliation: Freelance


Maruishinabe's mother fled the Realm of Animus with her teen son, to protect him from being exploited like all of the others who were gifted as Totems.  They came through a portal to earth by way of Norway, and eventually made their way to Japan.  She sacrificed many things to provide for her son not the least of which were her body and her mind.  Once they happened upon the hidden regions, they decided to make that their home, and Maruishinabe would now provide for his mother.  Penguin worked his way up in the Goth-Ahm underworld until he became a boss. He eventually became proprietor of the most lucrative night club in the Goth-Ahm Prefecture, the Iceberg Lounge.  His totem abilities (which he keeps mostly hidden from the denizens of Hitoshirenu) allow him to transform into a penguin and survive underwater and in frigid conditions.  He also develops mental control over an army of heavily armed penguins. 

- Maruishi = cobble, nabe = pot; Ozawa (traditional japanese surname) = Oswald

- I based Penguin's base form on Gato, the crimeboss from the Land of the Waves arc in Naruto.

- Penguin's first stage Totem form is based on the rockhopper species of penguin.

- Penguin's second stage Totem form is based on the emperor penguin species of the bird.

- I also used penguin's look from The Batman animated series for the first stage.

- Penguin wears a mawashi, which is a sumo loincloth.  He likes to have people believe he is  a champion level sumo wrestler, but with his level of cowardice with fair physical confrontation, that remains to be seen...and difficult to believe. However, penguin is quite homicidal and uses his deceitful nature to minimize his risk in physical confrontations.

-Tuxedos are referred to as "Penguin suits", so it made sense to have him retain one...or at least part of it.

- Wanted to incorporate the umbrella into his design.  Has various hidden weapons built in.

- Penguin has a small cylinder of solid nitrogen (solid form of liquid nitrogen) at the end of his cigarette holder, to inhale the cold vapor in use as a personal internal coolant system.

- His first stage form has a water attack similar to the Pokemon, Squirtle's Water Gun Attack.

- His second stage form has a water attack similar to Naruto villain, Kisame Hosigaki's Water Release jutsu.

-  In his Totem forms, Penguin can shoot a blast of water through his cigarette holder over the solid nitrogen, to spew frigid liquid on a target; instantly freezing whatever it makes contact with.

- The Penguin Army looks similar to and comes from Tim Burton's, Batman Returns.

- With a small army of his own, Tabu cannot outright order or threaten Penguin into compliance of her bidding.  However, he is fearful of her powers.  It also infuriates her that he is willing to work against her, when it suits his own interests...which she intends to make him suffer for.

- Combined the comic, animated, movie and Gotham TV series versions to make this one.

MDCU: Totems- Tuga by Nightshade475
MDCU: Totems- Tuga


Reptile Totem; Turtle

Kingdom of Reptilek, Realm of Animus

Occupation: Thief

Affiliation: Tabu, Hamed-Ali


A lifelong thief, Tuga was recruited into the service of The Dark Sorceress, Tabu five years prior to Billy (Animal Man) Baker receiving the Omnitotem.  He speaks only in his native language, but understands English.  His teammates usually have no idea what he's saying, unless Firefly is around to translate (which is mostly filled with expletives and vitriol for his cohorts, just as much as his foes).  He is not a fan of violence, but is wholly capable of it. 

- Tuga is based on dc villain, Turtle Man.

- Tuga is Spanish for "turtle".

- Tuga is from a South American country of undisclosed origin.

- Tuga has had his totem abilities active for decades.

- in his totem forms, Tuga is amphibious. He is usually partnered up with Barracuda.

- in his first stage form, Tuga can absorb speed and kinetic energy from people and objects that he comes into physical contact, making them slower.  He also has a decent measure of protection from heavy arms fire from his shell.

- In his second stage transformation, Tuga can project a kinetic energy dampening field that slows down everyone in it, except for him. the perception of the people effected by his ability is that he is moving at super speed, when its actually the other way around.  The field has a limited radius and duration. His defensive abilities are enhanced as well, as he can project a small forcefield around his immediate vicinity. The field has a limited radius and duration.

- Tuga's shell is spiked with razor sharp barbs in his final form and he can hurl himself at enemies and retract his limbs not unlike Gamera.

MangaDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 1 by Nightshade475
MangaDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 1

WonderGirls of Hitoshirenu

In my expansion of the Wondergirls,  with the Planetary Amazonian Wonder Guard, started in their World Tour Arc, the girls seek out descendants of former Amazonians that left the Sacred Isle of Onogorshima to raise their male offspring.  Two of descendants are found in the Hidden Regions of Japan known as Hitoshirenu, home of The Batclan.  One of the descendants was raised in the Shinobi Order and the other was conscripted into the Emperor's Samurai Army.  Yukia and Kaia were friends as orphaned children, but were separated  to go into their respective disciplines.  Even though they were on opposite sides of the Shino-Samurai Conflict, as Wondergirls, they remain in Hitoshirenu to try to bridge the gap and help end the animosity between the two factions.


Kaia: The Blade Dancer; Onna Musha (female samurai -direct translation; woman warrior)

Kaia Muhō; Wondergirl of Bushido

Weapon: Katana


- I based Kaia's design on the samurai outfit worn by Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess.

- honor and pride are her strongest virtues...and her greatest weakness at the same time.

- When I expanded the wondergirls and created a ninja and a samurai , it felt the most appropriate to interject them in this particular locale for the simplicity of the natural conflict that already exists between the two factions.

- I wanted Kaia and Yukia to have a Fox and the Hound kind of experience, where their childhood friendship would have to endure and overcome the restrictions of their upbringing and  alleged destinies.

- Following Wonder Woman tradition, Kaia is an ambassador for the Emperor's Samurai army to the heads of the Shinobi Order, but she is not beholden to him.  She also represents the Amazon nation and its interests of global peace.


Yukia: The Shadow Walker; Kunoichi (female shinobi)

Yukimishi  Sanada; Wondergirl of Nindo

Weapon: Twin Sai


- I based Yukia's design on a homemade cosplay image of a ninja Wonder Woman I found.

- Based her name on the legendary japanese warrior, Yukimura Sanada. 

- Yukimishi had a rough upringing in The Order, and as a result, she keeps most people at a distance.  She is eerily calm, it seems at all times, which has a tendency to unnerve most people.  She comes off as cold and detached, but in fact quickly forms deep bonds to people, but  hides it really well...these too are her strengths and weaknesses.

- Yukimishi uses her ancestor's name, Yukia to honor her as her Wondergirl Codename. 

- The Amazon, Yukia mated with the samurai of legend, Yukimura Sanada.  She sought him out after giving birth to their son and leaving Onogorshima.  She reunited with him on one of his campaigns.  Their son was raised amongst his shinobi soldiers, the Ten Braves.  He was taught ninjutsu by legendary shinobi, Sasuke Sarutobi.

- The two feudal Wondergirls have a fundamentally contentious relationship, but enjoy each other's presence and have grown to trust one another unconditionally.  They are truly formidable as a team.

- Following Wonder Woman tradition, Yukia is an ambassador for the heads of the Shinobi Order to the Emperor's Samurai army, but she is not beholden to them.  She also represents the Amazon nation and its interests of global peace.



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