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MDCU: Precious Archers 2 by Nightshade475
MDCU: Precious Archers 2
Finally returning to the manga interpretation of Green Arrow and his fellow arrow slingers!
Left to right:

Celestial Archer, Diamond Archer, Pearl Archer, Ruby Archer, Emerald Archer, Jade Archer, Gilded Archer, Obsidian Archer, Shado, Sapphire Archer, Opal Archer.

I updated many of the character designs and added two all new ones.  I wanted to show that each archer has their own unique bow and arrowheads for their specific brigade.  Each bow is also used as a melee weapon and the bowstring only appears when the archer noks, and draws an arrow.

Precious Archers 1:

Celestial Archer:  Xu Tao
Avatar of the Chinese Patron Immortal of Archers; Inheritor of the Celestial Bow of Yi and the Arrows of Heaven

The Four Heavenly Kings, also known amongst The August Assemblage as The Shitenno are; Bishamon from Japan, Kartikeya from India, Tang Yao (The Sage King) from China, and Khodaa Zurvan from Persia.  Their selected generals in command of their respective armies are; Marishiten from Japan, Kurukulla from India, Yi from China, and Angra Mainyu from Persia.  Among these four generals, it was widely accepted that Yi was the most skilled divine archer.  As such, it was he who was granted the most powerful bow created by immortal craftsman culled from multiple pantheons.  Although they were tasked with a responsibility of great importance, the Generals and the Heavenly Kings they served were free to go about their business in their respective realms until they were called upon to carry out their heavenly duties.   Centuries ago, Yi had his immortality revoked by The Sage King of China for the crime of killing celestial beings to save the planet from destruction due to their recklessness.  Although no longer immortal, Yi still was without equal in regards to his prowess.   He constantly sought to regain his divine nature by completing tasks for the August Assemblage, but ultimately he decided to accept his life as a mortal.  After his passing, his spirit entered the divine cycle of reincarnation known as The Wheel.  In the modern era, a young man named Xu Tao grew up in Tai'an, China.  He and his family sold souvenirs to sightseers from a booth in town. When his father refused to bribe the local police, they lost their booth and their home.  Xu had to join a street gang simply to survive but was not cut out for the job and was arrested.  Once released, the gang was sent after him to make an example of him.  On the run, Xu fell into a tree where he heard a voice asking for help.  It sent him on a divine quest, which would have him seek out the Celestial Bow of Yi. Along the way he would cross paths with the Precious Archers of Hoshitokai Province, Japan, who were also seeking the bow; some for their own gain, others to keep it out of nefarious hands.  Ultimately, the quest led them all to an island that existed in a dimension between realms, where Xu tao would emerge with the bow and unlock within himself the powers of Yi.

- The Celestial Archer is a DC character that is affiliated with the supergroup known as The Great Ten.  A version will exist in the MDCU.
- I altered nothing about the design of the character…except the boots…and the shoulder armor. Other than that, it fit perfectly.
- Khodaa (which, according to my sources […on the internet] is Persian for “lord”) Zurvan is the Zoroastrian diety that is the father to both Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu.
- Kartikaya is a Hindu god of war. Kurukulla is a bow wielding goddess of love from the same pantheon.
- Marishiten was once a pupil of Yi.  It was she who helped Amythyst craft the Precious Arrows and Bows using Yi’s Bow as a basis.
- Marishiten belongs to a group known as the Twelve Heavenly Generals, according to Japanese mythology.

Diamond Archer
:  Banni Kokuou (Arrowette I: Bonnie King)
Avatar of the Japanese Patron Immortal of Archers ; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Diamond Archer Brigade.

Banni Kokuou always had an attraction to grand adventure.  At a young age she ran away from the boring life she’d been suffering through and set out to explore the world.  She was quite resourceful and always found a way to provide for herself, while finding new experiences to partake in.  After a few unfortunate incidents that occurred, Banni’s sunny disposition and positive outlook on life began to dim.  It became all about survival, and coming to the conclusion that the best way not to be taken advantage of, was to be the one taking the advantage.  As a grifter, Banni developed the practice of getting close to men of wealth and then robbing them before disappearing to move on to the next mark and do it again. She became pregnant and eventually had a daughter that she would incorporate into her cons.  Eventually she crossed paths with a world renowned adventurer/archeologist, Colorado Jones.  At the time, she was employed as a nightclub lounge singer, and dating a triad boss.  Jones and her soon to be ex-boyfriend got into a dispute over an artifact that the crime boss had in his possession.  After the situation erupted into complete chaos, Banni and Jones escaped the club with their lives…and the artifact.  She was so exhilarated that they spent the next three nights together, uninterrupted.  She followed him along on his adventures, and their romance was fueled by the constant adrenaline rush that came with his exploits.  That is, until she got pregnant.  She had gotten so caught up in their adventures that she had completely forgotten about her daughter, and the elderly couple she had left her with; even though she had barely known them.  Guilt ridden, she returned to the couple who had cared for the young girl, and tried as best they could to comfort her during her justified feelings of abandonment.  The couple chastised her and promised not to call the authorities if she promised to change her ways.  She returned to Jones with her daughter and told him everything, including the news of her current pregnancy.   He accepted it all and told her he wanted to raise Mayumi and their child together. Even though she initially set out for him to be just another mark, she had already fallen in love with him and given up her plans on trying to con him. This just sealed the deal in cementing her feelings for him.  They married and Jones legally adopted Mayumi.  However, Banni had miscarried.  She went into a state of depression and the elderly couple assisted as much as they were able to help them through the ordeal.  She eventually got better, but was missing the thrill in her life that she craved and her home life as a housewife and mother wasn’t cutting it.  She was desperate to go back to her adventure and intrigue filled life, but Jones had gotten a steady job at the local university and was now the curator of the museum which stored all of the antiquities and artifacts he had collected in the field.  He enjoyed having a home to come back to each night as well as being Mayumi’s step father, and Banni felt trapped by the guilt of already having abandoned her.  A project was presented to Jones that he decided to take as it was close enough that he could still return home every few days or so.  Eventually she grew more and more jealous of the time he spent immersed in his work and in an attempt to elicit some emotion from him, became involved with his head of security, Kisai Mahoutsukai. The adrenaline rush that came with having an elicit affair rekindled the spark in her spirit that had been missing since settling down.  He convinced her that Jones would never place her desires first and that he would never provide her with neither the riches, nor the attention she desired.  When they found the tomb of the Emperor, Kisai came up with a plan to get rich. Banni would convince Jones to take her to see the site, and after she would distract him seductively while Kisai raided the Emperor’s chamber.  They would then tranquilize him while getting away with whatever their truck could carry.  She felt bad about leaving Mayumi behind, but she knew she was in good hands as both Colorado and the elderly couple they’d befriended loved her daughter and would do anything for her.  When the time came, Kisai changed the plan and stabbed Jones in the back...literally.  Banni was horrified as she still cared for Jones, and never wanted him hurt.  Kisai betrayed her as well, as he was just using her and never had any intentions of sharing the fortune he’d planned to acquire with her.  Jones' apprentice, Ori Kisaki, walked into the Emperor’s chamber just in time to see Kisaki stabbing his mentor’s wife while Jones lay on the floor bleeding out.  This led into the fight which ended in the cave in that Kisai caused.  Leaving her for dead, she was trapped in the rubble.  As she lay dying, she heard a voice that whispered to her… and was approached by the goddess, Marishiten.

- I adapted parts of the intro of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for Banni’s introduction to Colorado, who is obviously based on the character made famous by Harrison Ford.
- I wanted to show why Mayumi reacted so harshly to her mother’s disappearance, and her quite natural assumption that shed been abandoned once again.
- Her pose and design is based on an image I found online under the search anime archer.
- As an avatar, her eyes have an unearthly hue that is associated with her Precious Arrows.

Pearl Archer: Mayumi Kokuou-Jones (Arrowette II: Cissie King-Jones)
Apprentice Archer; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Pearl Archer Brigade

Although she is still learning, Mayumi has leveled up enough to be granted the Precious Pearl Brigade Armor for use in the field.  She has become close friends with her Teen Titans teammates, Empress and Secret; inside and out of Hitoshirenu.  When Ryo graduates from his apprenticeship, Ori decides to spend time personally training Mayumi.  He hopes to keep her away from her mother’s; obsessions for vengeance against the Obsidian Archer, the desire to reclaim her patron’s legendary status, and for her daughter to become a legend as well.  Her mother calls upon her to aid on a mission, and although she told Ori she wouldn’t go, she secretly did.  This mission was to find the Celestial Bow of Yi, before the mortals that sought it out, and return it to the patron goddess of archers.  What no one knew was that Banni planned to claim the bow for herself, so that The Diamond Archer could become a goddess herself, and replace Marishiten.  During the course of the quest, Mayumi realized how truly deranged her mother had become; unable to see that the line for her had blurred between Avatar of the goddess and the goddess herself.  When Mayumi’s life was on the line, it became clear that Banni’s obsession had become more important to her than her own daughter.
- Marishiten had ordered Diamond Archer to retrieve the bow to return it to the August Assemblage until Yi’s reincarnation.  She had no idea she would be tempted to take it for herself.
- I replaced the original Arrowette’s obsession with celebrity with a desire to become a goddess outright, rather than just an avatar for one.
- After the quest, Mayumi is tired of the life.  She retires and moves to Hitoshirenu with Empress and Secret.  Ori tries to convince her to take the weapons with her, but she opts not to. He tells her that they will be there for her whenever the need should arise.

Ruby Archer: Ryo Hama (Red Arrow: Roy Harper)
Archer; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Ruby Archer Brigade

Upon graduating from his rank as apprentice, Ori decided that Ryo had earned the Ruby Archer Brigade Armor, as well as the remaining Quiver he was holding in reserve for him.  Ryo feels the opposite of Takasouru, and is more comfortable going into battle as armed as possible.  He now carries all three of his Ruby Arrow quivers when in the field, prompting Ori to refer to him as a walking Arsenal, from time to time.  He has gotten a better handle on his rage, but still has conflicts with Ori as how to handle certain things.  As a full-fledged archer, Ori tasked him with the tutelage of apprentice archer; Mai, the Gilded Archer.  He splits his time between working with the archers, training Mai, and assisting the Teen Titans.  Eventually, Ryo and Ori have a falling out, and Ryo winds up deserted on the Isle of Lian Yu.  However, he is not there alone...

- I used one of Roy's Arsenal costume designs to incorporate the arrow into his armor.
- Ryo will spend his time on Lian Yu surviving threats from and then alongside Secret Six kunoichi, Cheshire.
- Wanted Ryo to have more arrows in battle than most to signify that although he may not be as skilled, he makes it up in volume.  Also invokes that whole "arsenal" aspect of his character.
- The falling out will be related to drug use and an issue stemming from his training of Mai.  He will get clean on Lian Yu, which will be part of what brings he and Cheshire together.
- On CW's Arrow, Lian Yu is translated as “Purgatory”.

Emerald Archer: Ori Kisaki (Green Arrow: Oliver Queen)
Master Archer ; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Emerald Archer Brigade.

After his time collecting the new archers of the Precious Archer Brigades, Ori will be revisited by the Spirit of Yao Fei, which will lead him on a quest in a race to find the Celestial Bow of Yi.  A mystic was assigned to each of the Precious Archer brigades, tasked with crafting the enchantment to empower the weapons to unlock amazing abilities when utilized.  The mystic charged with the creation of the enchantment of the Emerald Archer Brigade, was Yao Fei.  It was the spirit of Yao Fei which not only saved his life after the cave in where he found the armors, but also led Ori Kisaki to find a set of artifacts on the island of Lian Yu.  These would act as a Rosetta stone, and would allow him to decipher the texts that would help him unlock the secrets of the Precious Arrows.  Ori finally unlocks all of the mystic spells that activate the different effects of the arrows that they have inherited.  The Precious Arrow Launch Spells:
Animosity Arrow- rage induced "target locked: heat seeker"
Atrocity Arrow- last resort (quantum arrow)
Brutality Arrow- concussive (boxing glove)
Causticity Arrow- acid
Curiosity Arrow- spy; audio relay, recording device
Chastity Arrow- binding
Duplicity Arrow- multiple mirage
Ferocity Arrow- adrenal boost
Harmonicity Arrow- sonic emission (can control range; from ear piercing to subsonic)
Luminosity Arrow- flash (can control range; from blinding to illuminating)
Toxicity Arrow- sickness inducing gas
Velocity Arrow- increases speed and power with distance
Nebulosity Arrow- black hole; darkness
Electricity Arrow- taser
Pyrosity Arrow- incendiary
Solidarity Arrow- magnetic fusion; other arrows of the same kind are drawn, and magnetically polarized to launched arrow
Tranquility Arrow- sleep inducing

Although Ori did not acquire the Celestial Bow of Yi, during the process he was able to discover that by utilizing the enchanted Hood of Yao Fei that he found at the wizard’s tomb, his skills would increase and the magical output of his arrows would as well.

- I wanted to redesign my version of Green Arrow, as he hasn’t changed at all since I first conceived him. When I came up with the first look, I wanted to emulate the actual Green Arrow’s initial comics appearance and gave him what I felt was the equivalent of his feathered cap.  I always intended for him to use his more recognizable hood at some point.
- Inspired by his design on Arrow; in addition to adding the hood, I lost the sleeves from his tunic and had him shave (most of) his facial hair.
- When using the enchanted hood, the wearer’s eyes go white.

Jade Arrow: Takasouru (Green Arrow: Connor Hawke)
Zen Archer:  Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Jade Archer Brigade

Takasouru is a stark contrast to his father, Ori Kisaki.  His calm, Zen demeanor, attained from growing up in a monastery, is nothing like Ori's volatile temper.  His martial arts prowess surpasses his skill with a bow...and his kyudo skills are quite considerable.  Due to his upbringing, he is more naïve to the ways of the world than cynical; a trait he seems to have shared with his mother.  He frequently goes about on his own, in attempts to experience the world more.   His down to earth adventures, often surreal and strange, include experiences with; spirits, legends and magic.  Takasourou had many strange adventures.  He fought the avatar of a jaguar god, secret cults, aliens, a mystical rainmaker, and evil spirits.  As a martial artist, Takasourou met his first great defeat at the hands of an assassin’s Guild shinobi, called the Silver Monkey.  They fought in a challenge to win the rights over the ashram in Hoshitokai Province he had become affiliated with; and he was unable to win, much to his own shame.  Later, the Silver Monkey returned to fight Takasourou again.  A local crimelord had hired the assassin to get the Jade Archer out of his life for good, as Takasouru had frequently put a halt to many of his criminal endeavors.  It was this time that Takasourou found the will within him to defeat the Silver Monkey…but this only brought more trouble.  The defeat of the Silver Monkey brought shame to the secret cult of fighters he belonged to; The Brotherhood of the Monkey’s Fist.  Takasourou soon found himself being assaulted by other monkey themed shinobi seeking to elevate themselves by defeating the one who beat the Silver Monkey; Paper Monkey, Copper Monkey, Quartz Monkey, Coal Monkey, and Bamboo Monkey. Other martial artists were targeting him as well.  Takasourou defeated all comers and teamed up with Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Hush to get to the root of the problem, the Paper Monkey.  The Paper Monkey turned out to be Lady Shiva in disguise, who wanted to test Takasourou's skill herself in a fight to the death.  In this battle, Takasourou proved himself to be one of the very few martial artists who could hold his own against Lady Shiva and give her as good as he received.  Robin's interference caused the fight to end in a draw, and Batman warned Takasourou that his status as the number two martial artist in the world would only bring more trouble.

- Takasouru sometimes refers to Ori as "Pala", which is Tibetan for Father.  He also calls Ryo, "Jhola"(elder brother); Mayumi, "Acha la"(sister); and Mai, "Ani"(paternal aunt).
- I borrowed the design of a monk character from Pathfinder RPG.
- I decided to give him the blindfold to mimic his mask from the mainstream DC universe.  He practices and engages in battle blindfolded to increase his Zen Archery precision.  The whole…”debilitation of one sense to enhance the others” type thing.
- Takasouru's Zen training endowed him with the gift of inner vision.  Although he seldom demonstrates this craft, he once received a vision that informed him that his father, Ori Kisaki, was actually alive when everyone had believed him dead.
- Takasouru returned for a brief time to the ashram to find his centre again.  It was there he received an invitation to an archery tournament in Beijing being held for the World's greatest archer's by Zhao Industries. Once there, he found himself competing against other precious archers as well as the likes of Shado and the Bamboo Monkey. It was at the tournament that he was acknowledged as being equal to Ori in his archery skill.
- Each member of The Brotherhood of the Monkey’s Fist has its own discipline within the style, and has mastered an individual choice of weapon.  Paper Monkey uses origami shuriken, Copper Monkey uses brass knuckles, Quartz Monkey prefers rope darts, Coal Monkey likes explosives, and Bamboo Monkey uses a Bo staff made of bamboo.
- Traditionally, an ashram is a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Hinduism. Today the term ashram often denotes a locus of Hindu cultural activity such as yoga, music study or religious instruction, similar to a studio, yeshiva, or dojo.
- I altered some of the names of the members of the Monkey Fist Clan.  I substituted quartz for rainbow as there are many different colors for quartz minerals.  I also swapped Coal for Obsidian, as I already have that associated with the precious archer of the same name. For that same reason, I made Bronze Monkey, Copper.
- Silver Monkey is the recipient of the sixth animal style associated with the Wu Xing; devised by the Yottsukonin Master, Shou-Shi Sensei.  The other five he traded to O-Sensei, who used it to train Jade Canary, Bronze Tiger, Iron Toad, Silk Snake, and Ivory Dragon.
- Takasouru will also acquire a mystic hood associated with the mage that enchanted the Precious Jade Brigade’s weapons and armor.  I decided this to give him a look more in line with his mainstream appearance…similar to his blindfold/mask.

Gilded Arrow: Mai Doketishiku (Speedy: Mia Dearden)
Apprentice Archer; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Gilded Archer Brigade

To show that he respected him as an equal, Ori tasked Ryo, The Ruby Archer with the continued training of Mai, The Gilded Archer.  Now, graced with the responsibility of a pupil just as headstrong as he was, Ryo frequently found himself in his master’s shoes, constantly reciting the phrase that was often said to him, “Slow Down, Speedy..!”  Mai also had proven herself, and had grown (in skill as well as stature) enough to be given the full set of Gilded Armor.  Mai develops a bit of a crush on her new instructor, leading to some tension between them when he doesn’t return her feelings.  She starts to act out on patrol and in her personal life.  She begins hanging with some older boys from school who are affiliated with the triads, hoping to make Ryo jealous and regretful for rejecting her.  She gets exposed to drugs in the process, but things go horribly wrong when one of the boys secretly drugs her drink.  She wakes up with missing memories, but is too embarrassed to say anything.  Her behavior turns from rebellious and reckless, to dark and withdrawn.  She takes another turn for worse when pictures of her in various stages of undress start getting sent around through text messages of the entire student body.  Now seeking retribution for the violation then and the humiliation now, she stalks each of the culprits, lacing them with arrows.  The triads catch her as she hunts down the boys, and prepare to meet out justice for attacking their associates.  Ryo shows up to rescue Mai, but gets captured as well when they threaten her.  Both are injected with narcotics and Ryo stages and overdose to facilitate his escape, taking down the thugs while Mai goes after her attackers.  The main target, she saves for last, fully intending to kill him, unlike the others.  Ryo catches up with her just as she is poised to strike with her arrow, and begins to try to talk her out of murdering him.  The boy begins to goad her by revealing that he’s “already dead, since he has HIV” and he went unprotected when he and his friends took advantage of her.  Mai’s arrow released.

- I wanted to incorporate the drug addictions shared by both Roy Harper and Thea Dearden Queen; who is based on Mia Dearden.
- I upgraded her armor from some images I found online. I also incorporated the Arrow motif in Mia’s Speedy costume into the design.
- I also wanted to utilize the fact that both Roy and Mia went by the name Speedy, and made it a nickname started by Ollie.
- I also wanted to include Mia’s exposure to HIV.  I’m still deciding on whether or not she contracts it.
- I wanted to make it ambiguous as to whether Mai chose to kill the boy, or it was accidental from either the shock of the news or the drugs in her system.

Obsidian Archer: Kisai Mahoutsukai (Merlyn: Malcom Merlyn)
Assassin; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Obsidian Archer Brigade

Right before Mai’s Gilded Arrow struck her rapist in the eye, it was deflected by an Emerald Arrow.  Mai was devastated from the news she had just heard and her ordeal leading up to it.  She looked up at the Emerald Archer who had arrived just in time to prevent her from crossing the line, whether intentional or not.  She drew again.  Ori tried to talk her down and get her to see that killing this boy wasn’t the path they had chosen, and it wasn’t worth what she’d be giving up.  As she struggled with releasing her vengeance, an arrow struck the boy exactly in the eye that she had aimed for initially.  This time, it was an Obsidian Arrow.  The three archers looked up to see Kisai Mahoutsukai.  They couldn’t understand why he had involved himself in this matter.  The answer would come some time later when it was revealed that Kisai was Mai’s birth father from a union with Ori Kisaki’s mother.  She had hid her pregnancy to protect her marriage, and gave the baby to her friend who had suffered through several miscarriages.  Kisai had just discovered that Mai was his daughter and wanted to show her some fatherly love by giving her what he thought she needed…retribution.  Kisai finds out about the existence of the Celestial Bow of Yi and rallies his apprentice and hires the mercenary Sapphire Archer to assist him in acquiring it first.  The hunt for the bow leads them to a mysterious island named Lian Yu, which requires magical means to get to, but no clear way on how to get back.  While there, Kisai is contacted by the Spirit of Merlin the Magician.  He reveals that it was he who set him on this quest, and that he needs the Celestial Bow to free him from his imprisonment.  He tells Kisai that he will reveal to him the location of the hood he wore during the process of enchanting the Arms and Armor of the Obsidian Archer battalion, which will increase his abilities enough to defeat Ori and his archers and ensure that he takes possession of the bow; if he uses it to free him.

- I gave him the hood as I wanted to incorporate the Dark Archer version of Merlyn from CW’s Arrow.
- I also wanted to include the relationship between Malcolm Merlyn and Thea Queen.
- Mai will struggle with the addiction she developed and the fact that she was secretly greatful to Kisai for killing her attacker.  She will eventually kick the habit…but not necessarily the darkness.
- Mai will distance herself from Ori’s team while getting clean.  She will also use this time to get to know her father.

Longbow Hunter; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Onyx Archer Brigade

By the time The Obsidian Archer, Kisai Mahoutsukai reveals the names of those responsible for the death of her family; Shado has amassed more enemies than she can handle on her own, as a result of the missions she undertook while working with him.  She maintains an affiliation with him, as it is in her best interests to have an ally with Kisai's resources on hand.  She has alienated Ori Kisaki, The Emerald Archer and the rest of his band of archers with her actions alongside Kisai, but during the hunt for the Celestial Bow of Yi; she, Ori and Deathstroke, The Terminator wind up stranded on the Isle of Lian Yu in their civilian identities, with none of them realizing who they're aligned with.  After returning to Hoshitokai, Ori will realize that he’s been targeted for death.  One of the assassins targeting him will be using a precious bow and set of arrows that he’s never seen, and have a young apprentice of his own…

- Emiko Kisaki (Emiko Queen) is the daughter of Ori Kisaki's father, and Shado (or her mother).  She was raised by the archer, Komodo who is in possession of the Precious Arrows and Bow of the Dragonite Archer Brigade.
- As Dragonite is a stone that is green, and komodo a type of "dragon" this was the perfect fit for Emiko and her surrogate father, Komodo.
- I obviously pulled from the storyline of the CW Network's, Arrow regarding Ollie, Shado, and Slade.
- Since I showed the growth of the youngest archers by aging Mai and Takasourou, I wanted to include another younger archer; Ollie's baby sister, Emiko.
- Along with Deathstroke; Deadshot and some others were also looking to claim the Bow.

Sapphire Archer: Thomas Atkins (Blue Bowman/Signalman: Phil Cobb)
Archer; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Sapphire Archer Brigade

After determining that Atkins was actually using his arrows to help others, The Emerald Archer gave him the extra quiver of Precious Sapphire Arrows that Atkins left behind when he initially stole his set.  After getting into villainy, Sapphire Archer decided to try his luck in Goth-ahm Prefecture.  However, like all others before him, Sapphire Archer was swiftly defeated by the Batman.  However, due to his unique abilities, Anton Ivo recruited Sapphire Archer into the Secret Society.  With the MetaBrawler, Blockbuster; Sapphire Archer captured the kunoichi Clan Leader, Catwoman for the organization.  Although initially captured by the Justice League, Sapphire Archer managed to get free. Later joining up with another group, Sapphire Archer found partners in disgraced Samurai prison warden, Lock-Up; exiled Enigma Clan Shinobi, Cluemaster; and freelance Insect Totem arsonist, Firefly.

- There was nothing about Sapphire Archer’s design that I wanted to change, so I didn’t.
-Used an Image of Hawkeye drawn by Olivier Coipel for the pose.
- Wanted to maintain his back and forth nature in terms of being a hero and a villain, but he’s not inherently evil.  
- Tommy will turn against Kisai during the quest for the bow, but by then it will be too late, as he will have already obtained Merlyn’s hood.
- The former Signalman will aquire an apprentice of his own…

Opal Archer: Tara (Cupid: Carrie Cutter)
Avatar of the Indian Patron Immortal of Archers ; Inheritor of the Precious Arrows of the Opal Archer Brigade.

The Four Heavenly Kings
are the War gods of various Asian pantheons, tasked by the August Assemblage to protect the Four Celestial Gates with their armies.  Kurukulla, the Patron Immortal of Archers of India is the general of her king's army, as Marishiten carries out those duties for her brother, Bishamon.  When Kurukulla discovered Marishiten had chosen an avatar to carry out her wishes, she decided to investigate her activities by choosing an avatar of her own.  Tara, an aspiring cardiologist that was narrowly saved from a gang assault by The Emerald Archer, had already had issues with PTSD.  She had offered to repay his valiant actions with her affections, which he honorably declined...which only made her that much more enamored with him.  After her encounter with the archer, she was targeted by her would be attackers looking for retribution for the indignities they suffered at the archer's hands in her defense.  Even as they savagely beat her, she believed the Archer would come to save her once again...up until her heart stopped.  At that moment she was approached by Kurukulla to be her avatar, who offered her another chance to see her secret love once again, and to be his equal.  She accepted, not knowing fully what her new patron goddess truly had in store for her.  When she awoke in her repaired body, she used her newly gifted Opal Bow and arrows to track and slay those who had attacked her.

- Kurukulla is the East Indian equivalent of the roman god, Cupid; as she too is a youthful goddess of love and desire that is associated with archery.
- I wanted to add another Precious Archer to the group, and decided on Cupid, as her allegiances are shifting.  It was also cool that the gem Opal represented love.
- The other two immortals that complete the generals of the Shitenno are; Yi from China, and Angra Mainyu from Persia.  Angra Mainyu is the sibling and nemesis of Ahura Mazda.
- When the Opal Archer discovers that Ori and his team are racing against Kisai and his team to locate the Celestial Bow of Yi, Kurukulla believes that Marishiten means to shift the balance of power amongst the Shitenno, and tasks Tara with trying to acquire the bow before them any means at her disposal.
- I loved the coincidence that the archery goddess of love and desire's name sounded so similar to the mainstream version of Cupid’s alter ego; Kurukulla = Carrie Cutter. Seemed like the perfect match.
- New archers that will be added are; Onyx Archer (Onyx), Silver Archer (Moonbow), Jewled Archer (Rainbow Archer), Komodo, and Dragonite Archer (Emiko Queen).
MDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 6 by Nightshade475
MDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 6
Continuing the Wondergirl expansion!

Left to right: Wondergirl Faria, Wondergirl Aléjia, Wondergirl AnnaLucia.

Faria, The Devourer; Vampire
Fara; Wondergirl of Craving
Mystical weapon: Nunchuck Knives

Based on the Amazonian vampire introduced in the pages of the New 52 series, Demon Knights; Fara was once one of the most skilled warriors on the Isle of Onogoroshima.  She went missing during a seed-raiding party, as the man she set out to seduce to get pregnant, actually seduced her and took her back to his home in Eastern Europe.  The girls come across her and her vampire master while on the run from the pursuing New WonderGuard, put together by Kichijoten.  They convince Fara to help free both teams from her master’s clutches and by activating her magical heritage; she now has a measure of protection from the weaknesses shared by all other vampires.  As long as she is in her Wondergirl form, she can spend up to an hour in direct sunlight before starting to become severely affected by it.  She wears her hood when she’s out during the day, as she still maintains sensitivity to the sun (and ultraviolet radiation), even before she begins to burn from prolonged exposure. She also doesn’t have to drink as often, but she does still need to ingest fresh blood to survive.   I chose to use the same weapons on the cover of the issue that I used as a reference for her pose, but I connected them with a piece of rope to make them sort of like nunchuks.  After seeing a video on YouTube with someone displaying the use of that type of weapon, I felt it’d be a cool addition, while creating a distinction from the twin daggers used by Zonia, The Liberator.  Due to her association with death and the darkside, one of the few Wondergirls that is truly comfortable around her is; Transelia, The Reaper.

Aléjia, The Rocker; Musician
Aléjia Sativa; Wondergirl of Melody
Mystical weapon: Guitar (Lyre)

This design comes from fellow Deviantartist, KidNotorious.… He’s done a few versions of the character, but I really liked the design, so there is little changed.  I made her hair tinted purple, to play on the punk rock aspect.  The tattoos of Batman and Superman that she has on her shoulders, I altered to resemble the MangaDCU style.  In the story, she is very inspired by the trinity as they saved the lives of her family at some point prior to her “awakening”.  Her parents come from Brazil and New Zealand.  Her name is pronounced; Ah-lay-hee-ah.  She channels her feelings into her music, and can project that in different ways through use of her magic guitar.  When it’s originally presented to her as her weapon, it will be a lyre with the same functions.  She mentally wills it to become an electric guitar when she takes possession of it.  The wild streak she often exhibits will more than once be a direct result of the influence of Katia, the Outrider, and sometimes vice versa.  As often as that will get herself and others into a bind, it will also prove to be a useful trait in getting them out of them as well.

AnnaLucia, The Motivator; Physical trainer
AnnaLucia Baez; Wondergirl of Movement
Mystical weapon: Jump Rope

AnnaLucia is a Puerto Rican New Yorker.  She considers both locations her home.  She moved from the city to live with her grandmother in PR when she was 6.  When she turned twelve, her abuella (grandmother) died, and she had to move back to NY.  Her mother was still MIA, so she moved in with her aunt and uncle and cousins in Washington Heights.  She loves to dance and music, but her true passion is cultivating self improvement.  Her role on the team is to help get and keep others in shape.  She is also quite motivational on the metaphysical front as well, helping people better themselves inside and out.  I found an image of a redesigned WW that looked like a more…”urban” version of Diana.  I picture her as a Zumba instructor on speed!  She is bilingual, and speaks with a slight Puerto Rican accent, frequently employing New York City vernacular.  She always has a positive outlook on any dire situation, and can sometimes annoy others with her unending optimism, but she gives even those nay-sayers the glimmer of hope that’s needed at the most crucial of times.  Although she’s optimistic, her motivational tactics are sometimes more along the lines of a drill sergeant!  This makes her, perhaps one of the very few new Wondergirs admired by, Meneleia, The Proctor; the island’s resident Combat Instructor.  She’s also formed a friendship with, Yessenia, The Healer.  They also have developed a good working relationship, with Yessenia acting as the team's physical therapist.  I decided to make her weapon a jump rope, as that fit in line with her character, and can still be used offensively.
MDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 5 by Nightshade475
MDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 5
Continuing the Wondergirl expansion!
Left to right: Wondergirl Sophia, Wondergirl Saraia, Wondergirl Nasiria.

Sophia: The Patroller; Police Officer
Sophie Ridley; Wondergirl of Enforcement
Mystical Weapon: Nightstick (formerly Tonfa)

I wanted a Wondergirl that represented the police force.  This character has no basis in the mainstream DC universe, but I modeled her after actress Sophia Bush, on NBC’s Chicago PD.  I gave her the last name Ridely as that was her character’s name on the FX series, Nip/Tuck.  I modified a lingerie outfit for a sexy police woman as the foundation for her uniform.  The nightstick was the most logical weapon, so in the story; the weapon starts out as a Japanese tonfa, which she wills to take its new shape (similar how to Orania altered her crossbows to become handguns).  I gave her the baseball cap and sunglasses to resemble a SWAT team member. I plan to have her partner up with various Wondergirls, but most frequently; Nyresia, The Restorer (field medic); and Cynderia, The Extinguisher (fire fighter).

Saraia: The Avenger;
Sarai Bendavid; Wondergirl of Guidance
Mystical Weapon: Sling and Rock

This character is based off of a costume worn by Wonder Woman.  It comes from the cover of 1968’s issue #179 of Wonder Woman.  I decided to change the colors from green to white and blue, to match the Isreli flag.  Her simple weapon of the sling and rock is deceiving, as it has devastating destructive power, which she can modulate to a lower level concussive force.  Originally, I gave the sling to Wondergirl Akillia, The Chronicler. I’ve since decided to change that, and Akillia now wields a giant paintbrush as a weapon.  It fits the character more.  Sarai is a Hebrew name for Sarah, from the Bible.  The sling also harkens to the one used by the biblical David to fell the giant, Goliath.  This is also why I gave her the surname that I did.  She is most frequently partnered with…

Nasiria: The Defender;
Nafisa al Nasir; Wondergirl of Devotion
Mystical Weapon: Shield

Nasiria is from Palestine.  It would be safe to assume there to be conflict between she and Saraia…but that assumption would be incorrect.  Both are strong believers in their respective faiths and stalwart protectors of their people, but after their initial contentious contact, have decided to lead by example and show the power that can come from working alongside one another for a common goal.  I was inspired by an image of a group of Christians standing watch over a group of Muslims to protect them while they were engaged in their daily prayers, and the favor was returned when a gathering of Muslims stood watch around the perimeter of a church while they worshiped.  The two Wondergirls don’t always agree politically, but they are one of the most effective pairings amongst the PAWG (alongside Kaia & Yukia, and Zhouyia & WuXia).  In fact, they are the only WG’s that frequently trade weapons during missions and use them as effectively as the original owner.  I also wanted it to be that the two also rotate classification; freely switching between Defender and Avenger, as the time calls for it.  Her weapon is a giant shield, that can cast a field of protection much larger than that of their standard wrist bracelets.  I found the design for this particular version of a Muslim Wonder Woman online, created by an artist that went by, “falloutgirlongirl”.  The ONLY thing I altered was the colorscheme, to resemble the colors of the Palestinian flag…oh, and the WW insignia…and the tiara…that’s it.  I borrowed an image of Wonder Woman (Diana) with a shield, (drawn by comic artist, Carlo Pagulayan) for the design of the weapon.
MDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 4 by Nightshade475
MDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 4
The Wondergirl expansion continues..!

Left to right: Wondergirl Meneleia, Wondergirl Wandia, Wondergirl Valeria.

Meneleia, The Proctor; Combat Trainer
Meneleia; Wondergirl of Discipline
Mystical weapon: Iron 3 section Staff

Based on an outfit worn by Diana’s mother, Hyppolita in a WW comic I saw online.  Meneleia is a born Amazon Who’s spent her entire life on Onogorshima.  She has never even left as a part of a seed raiding party.  She has held the position of Combat Trainer for the last 100 years, taking over from her mother.  She is a stern taskmaster and unforgiving in the combat circle where she trains the young girls in her charge to become women of the Amazon Nation.    As they begin to expand the Wonderguard, it has become her task to train the new members, and give them a crash course in basic combat and what it means to be a true warrior.

Wandia, The Ponderer; Problem solver
Wanda; Wondergirl of Anaylsis
Mystical weapon: Bhatarang

Genetically engineered warrior, spliced with DNA from a shikome, (fury demon of Yomi; the underworld) designed to hunt out and kill all Amazons.  However, the human component they added (which actually came from an amazon)to ensure higher cognitive function than what an average shikome has, evolved; granting Wanda not only free will, but the capability to solve practically any problem as long as she sits and thinks about it.  She is a true “wonder” woman.  Her brain runs through the myriad permutations of computations until it comes up with the perfect scenario to adequately handle whatever the issue faced is.  The downside is that she is completely vulnerable while she is “pondering”, and cannot exit the trance until she has found the solution she has set her mind to.    She also has a tendency to get off task during these sessions; potentially making them last far longer than is needed to accomplish the task. Wanda is based on the “Tangent” line of Dc comics.  I kept her design to be fairly the same from her initial appearance.  I also kept her signature weapon.

Valeria, the Heralder;
Vanja Johansson; Wondergirl of Transcendence
Mystical weapon: Halberd

Valeria is based on the Earth-10 version of Wonder Woman, who happens to be a Valkrie summoned by Hitler in a Nazi controlled world.  This world was explored in DC’s “Countdown to Adventure”, issue #2 released in Nov. of 2007.  My version happens to reside in Scandanavia.  When she is approached by the Wondergirls on the run, they help her not only to unlock her Amazonian heritage, but her membership in The Valkyrien, as well.  I gave her a halberd as a weapon as that seemed to go in line with the type of weapon a Valkyrie might use.  As a Valkyrie, she has the ability to safely navigate the Subtle Realms unaided, and can traverse the Hell and Halo Realms freely.  Her abilities also include sensing when someone is dying or if death is coming soon for them.   The “J”s in her real name are pronounced like “Y”s.  I chose Valeria, as that name also starts off with the same letters as Valkyrie.
MDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 3 by Nightshade475
MDCU: Planetary Amazonian WonderGuard 3
adding more of the expanded global Wondergirls roster...!

left to right: Wondergirl Shania, Wondergirl Kasia, and Wondergirl Indiria

Shania: The Regulator;
Shania Treadwell; Wondergirl of Idealism
Mystical Weapon: Shotgun

The team’s resident cowgirl hails from the heartland of the American Midwest.  She is by nature, a farmer, but she is trained to bring anything or anyone that’s running wild, back in line; be that wild horses, stampeding steer, or reckless outlaws.  Her title of Regulator comes from the western, Young Guns; which is what Billy the Kid’s team of wranglers were referred to as.  I chose the name Shania, after country singer Shania Twain.  I used a picture of Emma Watson with short hair as a foundation for her face.  The flannel shirt, tank top, and cowboy boots seem to epitomize what I was going after for this particular character.

Kasia: The Locator; Cartographer
Kassandra Kosmatos; Wondergirl of Insight
Mystical Weapon: Compass Bracer

Even though I based my initial version of Wonder Girl- Cassie Sandsmark in the form of Wondergirl Cassiopeia, and then followed up with the Ame Comi version of the same character in Wondergirl Sandiria; I saw Teen Titans, GO comic artist, Todd Nauck’s version of what Cassie would’ve looked like on the original Teen Titans animated series on Cartoon Network, and decided to add it to the group.  I barely altered the design.  Kass is one of the youngest Wondergirls (I plan to have at least one elementary school age member) at age 13 ½.  I gave her the job of cartography, which is it made the most sense.  Her Compass Bracer was part of Todd’s design.  It allows her to pinpoint the location of anyone or anything and guide her to it.  However, she usually has to be in the field as the bracer only works by alerting her to her quarry by its proximity to it.  I chose the name Kosmatos after Helena Kosmatos (Fury).  Even though the equivalent of Helena is the original Aesiria; ancestor of Lyta, Helena will exist in this world…either as Kass’ mother or more likely, older sister (who was passed up for membership in place of Kass).  She is Greek.

Indiria: The Inquisitor; Interrogator
Priyanka (Priya) Kairam; Wondergirl of Vigilance
Mystical Weapon: Twin Katar Daggers

I based this character off of Diana’s current New 52 outfit.  Rather than have the blades extending from her gauntlets (similar to Gotham’s Azrael), I chose to give her two katar daggers that pretty much have the same function (with the exception of being hand held).  Since the katar dagger is of East Indian origin, I decided to make her as well.  I named her after the actress on ABC’s Quantico, Priya Chopra.  Personality-wise, I see her also having traits similar to Sayid from Lost. I’d like to say there was some deep, meaningful reasoning behind choosing the name Indiria…but there wasn’t.  When Indiria activates her power, the silver parts of her armor and her weapons take on a golden glow.


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